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Written on September 28, 2016 by Choice Mutual

Burial Insurance In Mobile Alabama

Feel free to take a quick moment and use the quote form on this page to see a list of actual prices from insurance companies that operate in Mobile.

It’s the birthplace of Hank Aaron, the permanent docking of the USS Alabama, and Jimmy Buffett’s home town where he grew up. Mobile Alabama is known for so many things. Take it’s many nicknames for example. It’s frequently known as The Azalea City, The City of Six Flags, The Home of Mardi Gras, and The Port City. Ultimately, Mobile has this many nicknames because the city produces so many unique and amazing activities and culture. It’s also well known for having the oldest organized carnival celebration in the United States, several art museums, orchestras, and many other cultural centers. At the end of the day, Mobile is on the map for a reason. It’s easily one of the most well known and respected communities in Alabama for a reason.

Looking for burial insurance in Mobile doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s much easier than you might initially have thought. Many Mobile residents came to us after experiencing difficulty finding affordable final expense insurance. We are here to tell you some great news. Yes it is possible to find low price burial insurance, and we are going to show you how to do it. In this piece, you will see real pricing data from funeral providers in Mobile, why you should let Choice Mutual be your burial insurance expert, and how you can find the best policy possible.


Current Funeral CostsĀ From Providers In Mobile

Service TypeAverage PriceLowest Price
Traditional Burial$6,918$5,054
Cremation Memorial$3,499$2,100
Direct Cremation$2,504$995


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Mobile Alabama

Here’s the deal. Finding the right burial insurance plan at the best price isn’t something you can accomplish on your own. We realize that sounds crazy at first, so hear us out. If you were to attempt to find a policy on your own, you would need to contact nearly 20 different insurance companies. They will refer you to an agency that will ultimately give you the quote from that company you initially contacted.

It gets worse.

After making all these calls and waiting for all these agencies to give you quotes, you have to somehow figure out which company will accept all your health conditions. Unfortunately, becoming a master of underwriting for 20 different insurance plans is nearly impossible to do for any reasonable person who doesn’t do this for a living.

Can you see why we say this is dead end when you try to go it alone?

Here’s the great news: There is a much easier and faster way. In addition, you will save a ton of money and time.

To get truly find the best burial insurance in Mobile Alabama, you must consult with an independent agency that represents many final expense insurance companies. They will be able to shop and compare prices from them all, so they can find you the best deal.

In addition to getting you 10-20 quotes in minutes, they will also have a thorough understanding of the underwriting. This is absolutely necessary when determining which companies you should consider. The goal is to identify which carriers accept all your health conditions. The net result will be low prices and immediate protection.

You may be wondering: Where do I find an agency like this?

We know of one, and you are on their website right now. Choice Mutual is all of that and then some.


Burial Insurance and it’s amazing value

Life insurance for seniors can be a tricky game. More often than not, underwriting is a huge barrier in addition to the cost. Fortunately, insurance companies years ago saw a gap in the market and filled it with burial insurance plans. They allow everyone to acquire immediate peace of mind knowing their funeral costs will be paid for in the event of their passing. You may not know this, but final expense insurance has some unique elements to it.

  1. They are permanent whole life policies. This means they cannot expire at any age.
  2. Whole life policies have fixed prices. Your payment will not increase.
  3. The underwriting is designed to accept many major health conditions. This means everyone qualifies, and most receive no waiting period.
  4. The face value options go really low. You can buy as little as $1,000 in protection.

Ultimately, burial insurance plans offer all seniors, healthy or not, the ability to ensure your loved ones are not susceptible to the burden of unpaid funeral expenses.


Enjoy The Choice Mutual Difference

It turns out that many Mobile residents seeking burial insurance just don’t know who to turn to. It can be hard knowing who to reach out to because you just don’t know who truly is equipped to help you properly. With that, we Burial Insurance In Mobile Alabamawould urge you to consider Choice Mutual. We have some valuable qualities that result in tremendous value to you. Here are three major reasons why you should allow us to assist you in buying a final expense policy.

  • As an independent agency, we work with many highly rated burial insurance companies. This allows us to do the shopping around for you. Speaking with us is just like walking through a burial insurance mall.
  • We have years of experience specifically in the final expense business. This experience means we have a thorough working knowledge of how these insurance companies underwrite. At the end of the day, our underwriting knowledge means we know which insurers will accept your conditions. This leads to low prices and instant coverage.
  • Our commitment is to you and no other entity. Our whole existence is to make sure we do what’s best for you.

As you can tell, we are well equipped to help you find the most affordable burial insurance in Mobile Alabama. We have many clients in this city, and thousands across the nation. We would love the chance to show you why so many Alabama residents trust us with something that is so important.


Take immediate action, please

Whether you deal with us or not, we want you to get yourself protected as soon as you can. We say this because we have personally seen the ramifications of waiting.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you know you want to ensure you never leave your family with the financial burden of your funeral expenses, get yourself approved as soon as you can.

Your final expense insurance will never cost less than it is today. As you age, the cost goes up. In addition, if you develop some health challenges, it could raise your rates and subject you to a waiting period.

Let’s not forgot too that without a plan in place, your family is at risk of having to pay for your funeral. Please do something today if you know you want to be protected. Your family and your checkbook will greatly appreciate it.



Choice Mutual works with all the top burial insurance companies throughout the nation to secure you the best price possible.

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