Are you wondering if the Gerber Grow-Up Plan is your best child life insurance option?

The truth is, they are good, but they aren’t the best (we’ll explain why).

In this Grow-Up Plan review, we’ll explain the fine print and show you their prices compared to other companies.

We’ll even reveal which company truly has the best policy for a child or grandchild.

What is the Gerber Grow-Up Plan?

The Gerber Grow-Up Plan is small whole life insurance for children ages 0-14. Coverage ranges from $5,000-$50,000, premiums never increase, coverage never decreases, and the policy lasts forever.

The coverage automatically doubles at age 18 with no premium increase. In addition, the policy builds up a savings account called cash value.

Additional policy details

The Grow-Up Plan is available in all 50 states. The prices are unisex except for CA and FL.

The insured children will not have to take an exam to qualify.

Also, grandparents can buy grandchildren’s life insurance from Gerber without permission from the children’s parents.

Since the policy is still life insurance, it will merely pay out a tax-free cash benefit to the beneficiary(s).

There are no restrictions on how the money is used.

The Gerber baby Grow-Up Plan also allows the insured children to purchase more coverage later in life. The additional coverage is guaranteed approval. Gerber will not deny them due to any pre-existing health conditions.

The additional coverage can be purchased at ages 21, 25, 30, 35, 40 when they get married or has a child. If they do, the coverage will be priced based on their age when they buy more coverage.

The policy also comes with a payment protection rider at no extra cost.

It stipulates that the payments will be waived until the child is 21 if the policy owner dies or becomes totally disabled.

Essentially, the Gerber life whole life plan works almost the same way as other child life policies from other insurance companies.

The only real difference is the price (which Gerber is on the high side).

Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan cost comparison

Below is a table that shows you Gerber life Grow-Up Plan rates compared to what Mutual of Omaha charges for their infant life insurance.

We’re using Mutual of Omaha’s rates because they offer the best children’s whole life insurance on the market.

As you can see, Mutual of Omaha’s child coverage prices are significantly lower.

Boys and girls pay the same rate | Rates don’t change | Coverage never expires

Mutual of Omaha
Mutual of Omaha

Their coverage doubles at 18. How does that work?

No Gerber Grow-Up Plan review would be complete if we didn’t discuss how their coverage doubles in value at age 18.

Here’s how it works…

The amount of insurance you buy will double once the insured children reach 18 years of age.

If you have $10,000 in coverage to start, it will become $20,000 once the child becomes 18.

Your monthly price will stay the same even when the coverage doubles.

It’s that simple.

Sounds impressive, right?

Well, not so fast…

While it’s good they double the coverage at 18; it’s not as good as it seems.

We say that because if you compare what Gerber charges relative to other carriers, it’s still not worth it.

Essentially, Gerber charges about double what other companies charge. See it for yourself here.

For all the years before the coverage doubles, the Gerber life insurance Grow-Up Plan is really sticking it to you.

They’re basically charging you now for what the coverage will be at age 18.

For example, if you buy coverage on a four-year-old, that means for 14 years, you’re paying the price for what their coverage will be when that child turns 18.

Again, compare the rates in the table above and see for yourself.

Which company has the best children’s life policy?

Is the Gerber Grow-Up Plan good?

Yes, but they’re not the best option.

The truth is, many companies offer life insurance to children. They’re all quite similar too.

Globe life children’s insurance is also good, but even they didn’t take the #1 spot.

Out of all of them, Mutual of Omaha by far offers the best value.

Mutual of Omaha’s child coverage is the best because of its low rates and free riders.

In addition, their application is effortless, has high coverage options, comes with two great riders at no extra cost, and is very easy to work with when you need to make changes to your policy.

Here’s a rundown of Mutual of Omaha’s child policy.

  • Policy type: whole Life
  • Builds cash value: yes
  • Fixed premiums: yes
  • Coverage expiration date: bever
  • Age availability: 0 -17
  • State availability: All states (plus DC) except NY & WA
  • Coverage range: $5,000-$50,000
  • Unisex rates: Yes
  • Included riders at no additional cost: Guaranteed Insurability & Waiver of Premium due to Death of Owner

If you want to run quotes and apply for Mutual of Omaha’s whole life policy for kids, use the quoting tool on this page.

You’ll see prices and can fully apply online. After you’re done, you’ll get a physical policy in the mail within two weeks.

Below is a table comparing Globe Life, Mutual of Omaha, and Gerber Life.

Information United of Omaha Globe Life Gerber Life
First Year in Business 1909 1951 1967
A.M. Rating A+ A+ A
BBB Rating A+ A+ A+
2019 NAIC Complaint Index (lower is better) 1.51 7.19 1.56
Coverage Options $5,000-
Unisex Rates Yes Yes Yes (Not CA & FL)
$20k Cost For A 9-Year-Old $9.86 $8.50 $17.51
Included Riders Guaranteed Insurability Guaranteed Insurability Guaranteed Insurability
Grace Period For Owner’s Death? Yes No Yes

Is the Gerber Grow-Up Plan worth it?

The Gerber life insurance Grow-Up Plan is absolutely a worthwhile investment.

You’ll have insurance protection so that if your children or grandchildren were to pass away, it would provide a quick cash payout to cover their funeral costs.

In addition, the insured children will have the guaranteed option to purchase additional life insurance later in life regardless of their health circumstances at that time.

However, keep this in mind.

If you want infant life insurance (or young adults), Gerber shouldn’t be the first place you buy a policy.

Gerber Grow-Up life insurance is good, but quite frankly, they aren’t the best.

As noted in the section above, you’re much better off buying coverage from Mutual of Omaha.

They’ll issue up to $50,000 in coverage. If you happen to want more than $50,000 on your children or grandchildren, then yes, buy the next policy from Gerber.