Mutual of Omaha’s coverage for kids combines low premiums with valuable add-ons at no extra cost.

In this review, we go over how their child policy works and what it costs. Additionally, we’ll show you the application, brochure, sample policy, and how you can apply 100% online in literally minutes.

How does Mutual of Omaha children’s life insurance work?

Mutual of Omaha’s children’s insurance is a whole life insurance policy for children age 0-17. No exam is required, and there’s no waiting period once the policy is issued.

The coverage amounts range from $5,000-$50,000, prices never increase, coverage won’t decrease, the policy never expires, and it builds cash value.

Grandparents can purchase the coverage on their grandchildren without children’s parent’s knowledge or consent.

The policy also comes with two free riders listed below.

  • Waiver of premium rider: This no-cost rider will waive all premiums for 90 days if the policy owner dies starting from the date the owner passed away. That is great because it allows someone else to take over the policy so it doesn’t lapse. Click here to see a sample waiver of premium rider.
  • Guaranteed insurability rider: This no-cost rider allows you to buy additional life insurance on the insured’s life later on in life. Click here to see a sample guaranteed insurability rider. The options to purchase additional coverage are:
    • The policy anniversary dates following the insured’s 25th, 30th, 35th, and 40th birthdays
    • The insured’s marriage, domestic partnership, civil union, or equivalent relationship
    • The insured’s birth or adoption of a child
    • The purchase of a home

Again, both riders come with the policy at no additional cost.

How much does United Of Omaha child insurance cost?

Below are the prices for their children’s life insurance coverage. Mutual of Omaha uses a five-year age band system to price their children’s coverage.

For example, newborn life insurance costs are the same for any child who is 1, 2, 3, or 4. They all pay the same rate in that bracket.

Please note, you aren’t limited to coverage options. You can buy any amount between $5,000 and $50,000.

Boys and girls pay the same rate | Prices don’t change | Coverage never expires


Sample brochure, policy & application

As described above, children’s insurance with United of Omaha is straightforward to understand.

If you want to view a sample policy, brochure or application, just click on one below.

Policy | Application | Brochure

How to apply for Mutual Of Omaha kid’s insurance

Applying for Mutual of Omaha child insurance is probably the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

Start by using the quoting tool on this page to see prices.

Then you click the button to apply and fill out the application.

Once you fill out all the information, just hit the submit button, and Mutual of Omaha will receive your application.

From there, you’ll get a paper policy in the mail within 5-7 business days. The coverage will take full effect on whatever day you choose your payments to start (you get to pick the date).

You’ll have to provide the following pieces of information about the insured children:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Answers to the three health questions

Whoever is purchasing the coverage will need to provide this information:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Relationship to the children
  • Phone number
  • SSN
  • Beneficiary names (if other than you)
  • Payment information

Just know, all your information is secure via a highly encrypted application and is never shared with anyone.

All your information will be sent directly to Mutual of Omaha.

Top three companies for children

We evaluated all the top life insurance companies that offer life insurance coverage to grandchildren and children.

Below are the top 3 in order from best to worst.

1) Mutual of Omaha

Not surprisingly, United of Omaha came in at number one because of its low rates, high coverage, outstanding financial record, and excellent customer service.

Plus, the free riders they include are amazing. Overall, they hands down have the best juvenile whole life insurance.

2) Gerber Life

Gerber’s Grow-Up Plan for children isn’t the least expensive option on the market, but it’s still a great policy worthy of the #2 spot.

They double the coverage once the insured child reaches 18 (with no increase in premium), and Gerber boasts a strong track record for how they service their policyholders.

You should buy Mutual of Omaha first, but if you need more than $50,000 in coverage, look to Gerber next.

3) Globe Life

Where Globe really shines is their low rates and age range for new applicants. Their rates are similar to Mutual of Omaha, so you’ll be getting a very good price.

In addition, if you’re trying to insure a child/grandchild who is 18-24, Globe Life for kids is the company for you.

They will allow you to buy coverage on kids in that age range without their knowledge or consent.

No other company will do that.

Frequently asked questions

Most of the common questions we’re asked are below, along with the appropriate answers.

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We’ll post your question and answer to this page within two business days.

Yes! Grandparents can purchase the coverage, and they won’t need permission from the children’s parents.

Mutual of Omaha’s child coverage is whole life insurance. The rates won’t change, the coverage won’t decrease, and the policy will never expire?

Yes, there are three health questions on the application. A yes answer doesn’t necessarily mean the child won’t qualify. Go here to see a sample application, and you can read the health questions for yourself.

There is no difference. Mutual of Omaha is a giant insurance company that sells multiple types of insurance. Their life insurance products go under the name “United of Omaha.”
It’s the same company, just a different name for their life insurance products.

If the policy owner should die, there will be a 90 grace period for someone else to take over the policy. United of Omaha will waive the payments not made during these 90 days.