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Did you know that a cheetah can run 70 miles per hour? Also, Antarctica contains 70% of the worlds fresh water.

Those don’t have anything to do with insurance. Just some fun facts about the number 70 🙂

Burial Insurance Rates for 70 Year Olds

In all seriousness, turning 70 is a great milestone to achieve. You have wisdom behind your ears, and hopefully you are able to enjoy retirement.

At this age, it’s definitely time to make sure you have a burial insurance plan in place to take care of your funeral costs.

You can wait until you are 80, but your health and increased age might make it incredibly expensive to do so. We would highly advise you to secure yourself a plan while you in your 70’s being that you are younger and healthier.

In this article, you will see some real sample burial insurance rates for a 70 year old from six different insurance companies. In addition, we’ll clearly explain the benefits of a funeral insurance policy, and teach you how you can find the best policy at 70 (or any age for that matter),

Last but not least, we’ll briefly explain why Choice Mutual is best equipped to help you find the best deal possible.

Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 70 Year Olds

Below you’ll see real funeral insurance prices for a 70 year old. There’s a few things you need to keep in the back of your mind when you browse these prices.

  1. All prices shown are consistent with an applicant who would answer no to all the health questions on any given application (except for the no health question quotes). In most cases, we can find you a company that has underwriting where you would indeed say no to all their health questions.
  2. Rates are taken directly from the carriers. These prices will be the same no matter what agent or agency you call.
  3. We have many other final expense companies other than these six. If you want more quotes from other companies, just fill out the quote form on this page.
  4. Tobacco rates are for cigarette smokers only. If you use another form of tobacco, we have companies that would offer you non tobacco rates.

Ladies are always first 😎. To jump right to male rates, click here.

GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000
Female No Waiting Period$28.22 $53.24 $78.26 $103.28
Female Tobacco & No Waiting Period$37.42$72.19$108.92$144.16
Female Guaranteed Acceptance$34.83$68.75$102.67$136.58
Male No Waiting Period$38.45 $73.70 $108.95 $144.20
Male Tobacco No Waiting Period$50.49$98.32$146.16$194.00
Male Guaranteed Acceptance$44.41$87.91$131.41$174.90

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance Policy At 70

If you’re shopping for burial insurance, you probably want to find the best one for you and your family.

Quite frankly, who doesn’t?

Thankfully, finding the best final expense plan is quite simple. You don’t need to become a master insurance agent yourself. You just need to know what to look for.

Burial Insurance Rates for 70 Year Olds

So here’s how you do it…

Above all else, you must consult with an agency that is independent. Being independent means they can represent many different insurance companies. This will allow them shop and compare prices of final expense insurance from dozens of insurance companies. Ultimately, they can find you which final expense company has the best price for YOU. It’s really that simple.

Take us for example. We are AN independent agency with access to dozens of final expense companies. When someone approaches we ask a few health related questions get familiar with their individual situation. Then it’s just a matter of us comparing policies from multiple companies to find you the best deal.

On the other hand, companies like AARP or Lincoln Heritage aren’t independent. They only represent themselves. They can’t shop the market for you to see if there is another plan out there that would be a better fit.

We simply cannot stress this enough. Make sure that you consult with an independent agency. If you don’t, you will very likely overpay and deal with waiting periods you could have avoided.

Just don’t put this off. Take care of this now before your health takes a turn for the worse. The price won’t change much once you hit your next birthday. Check out the prices for a 71 year old to see for yourself.

Your health on the other hand is another matter. It will change. It’s just a matter of when.

The Benefits Of A Final Expense Policy

Final expense insurance offers a unique value proposition to ensure your final arrangements are all paid for. Just so you know, final expense insurance will also be commonly referred to as “burial insurance” and “funeral insurance”. All three terms mean the same thing.

Below you can see a list of all the unique benefits to a burial insurance plan.

  1. Super ultra relaxed underwriting. Many major medical issues are accepted. It’s actually rare that someone cannot be placed with some insurance company.
  2. The policy can’t expire. No matter how old you live to be, it will always be there.
  3. No medical or physical exams are ever required as part of the application process.
  4. The policy can’t be cancelled by the insurance company.
  5. Fixed monthly payments. Your monthly rate can’t change ever for any reason.
  6. The benefits won’t decrease with age.

When it comes to burial insurance, it’s rock solid for life. You will never experience any changes to it. It will always be there whenever you should pass away. It’s the perfect vehicle to ensure your final expenses are not left behind as a financial burden to your family.

Experience the Choice Mutual Difference

To speak frankly, we are the most trusted burial insurance resource on the internet.

Nowhere else will you find a more experienced and qualified agency to guide you on your search for final expense insurance.

For many years, we have focused only on burial insurance. We always have and always will be experts in this business. It’s our belief that our clients are served better if we focus being excellent at one line of insurance rather than mediocre at many.

At the end of the day, there are 3 key elements that make Choice Mutual uniquely qualified to serve your burial insurance needs.

  1. We are an independent agency. This independence is why we can freely represent all the top final expense companies in the nation. In the end, we shop all the companies for you, so you get the best deal possible on your burial insurance.
  2. We have a P.H.D. in burial insurance underwriting due to our vast experience exclusively in this business. This intimate familiarity of burial insurance underwriting enables us to know with virtual certainly which company will provide you with the best burial insurance plan based on your individual risk.
  3. We are truly committed to helping you secure the best burial insurance plan possible. We do not care which insurance company happens to be your best option. All we care about is doing what’s best for you and your family.

If you are looking for burial insurance, give us the opportunity to earn your business. You can call us at 1-800-644-2926. If you prefer that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page. A friendly licensed agent will be in touch shortly.