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Did you know that Albert Einstein was 76 years old when he passed away? The world renown brilliant physicist passed away due to heart failure on April 18, 1955. Best known for his E = mc2 equation, Albert Einstein is widely Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 76 Year Oldsconsidered one of the smartest men that has ever lived. Unfortunately, life ends for everyone even the brilliant. With that, preparing for your end of life expenses is something we must all do. Since you are 76, it’s vital you take care of this very soon.

You can still secure a new burial insurance plan even at this age. Check out these sample burial insurance rates for 76 year olds to see about what it will cost you at this age. If you currently have no way to pay for your final expenses, we encourage you to do take care of this as soon as possible. In this age bracket, waiting even one year can make a big impact on the price of your final expense insurance. Take a moment to check out what burial insurance costs for a 77 year old. You can see the price increase is not something to disregard.


Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 76 Year Olds

Take a look at these example rates. Please keep in mind that these are not exact prices. They are merely averages. However, these rates are pretty close to what most people pay at this age. If you deal with some major health issues, please just give us a call for accurate rates. You can reach us at 1-800-644-2926.


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How To Find The Best Burial Insurance Policy At 76

To get the best final expense plan at 76, you need to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. Doing so allows you to see which insurance company has the best deal for you. However, the challenge for you is that insurance companies will defer you to speak with an agent or agency. Furthermore, making phone calls to dozens of insurance companies will take a ton of time. Fortunately, there is a much better and easier to way to go about this.

Instead of doing that, you can simply utilize the services of an independent agency like Choice Mutual. Being independent means we can represent all the various final expense companies that operate in the USA. With one phone call to us, we can pull quotes from dozens of companies to see which one will offer you the best value.

Another thing to consider is the underwriting for all these different burial insurance companies. Your health is a major factor in regards to what insurance companies charge. There is no way you can become a master for the underwriting for 20 different final expense companies. This is another reason why consulting with an agency like us can save you a ton of time and money. We’re already familiar with the underwriting for each company. This knowledge allows us to know which carrier will view your overall health profile most favorably. In the end, this results in you paying less and not having to suffer through waiting periods.

At the end of the day, we highly recommend you find and utilize an independent agency to help you with this. It will save you so much money and time. We would love to earn you business. If not us, just make sure the agency is independent and has many carriers that they represent.


Questions to ask when buying final expense insurance

No matter what person or company you are working with, you must protect yourself by asking certain questions. Even if you were to work with us, we still want you to ask these questions. Taking this action will prevent you from becoming a victim. All too often we speak with people who fell for a offer without knowing how the policy truly worked. Here are some questions you should ask before you buy a burial insurance policy from anyone.

  1. Can the policy ever expire for any reason?
  2. Can the monthly payment ever increase for any reason?
  3. Can the benefits ever decrease for any reason?
  4. Will the policy payout benefits during the first two years?

Lets unpack each of these questions to make sure you understand a few things. In regards to a policy expiring, if it can it will! If you are cool with a life insurance policy that expires one day, more power to you. However, pretty much everyone we speak with is disgusted with the idea of having a life policy that ends at a certain age.

In regard to the monthly payment increasing, if it can it will! It’s just like the expiration date thing. If the policy can, it will. The scary part about an increasing payment is that one day the payment will probably be unaffordable for you, and then you will have no coverage because you can’t make the payments.

In regards to the benefits decreasing, if it can it will! Are you seeing a theme here? If a policy can do these things, it certain will. Honestly, if your policy benefits can decrease, one day you will be left with virtually no face value.

Last but not least is the matter of the policy paying benefits during the first two years. If your policy does not payout benefits during the first two years, this may or may not be appropriate. The thing is, certain health conditions demand a waiting period no matter what. For example, if you have had cancer within the last year, you cannot escape a waiting period. However, the overwhelming majority of applicants buying final expense insurance can qualify for a plan that has no waiting period. If someone is telling you that you must have a waiting period, please make sure you contact us first. Over 90% of our clients are able to get into a policy that pays benefits immediately.

One final thing about all of this. Once you buy a burial insurance policy from someone (including us), you must read the policy. You need to verify the answers you were given are consistent with whats in the policy. Your policy is the only legal document that matters. For example, if an agent told you your monthly price would be $50.00, but your policy shows it as $75.00 per month that’s a big problem. The same is true for all the other elements of your policy. In all honestly, if you ask those questions and you buy from someone, chances are that your policy will match. However, you still must make sure to protect yourself. If you have questions about any of this, feel free to call us. We are here to help.


Choice Mutual makes it easy

If you will allow us, we will help you find the best burial insurance policy. Our process is very simple. First we gather information about you. We would ask about stuff related to your health, and what kind of policy you would like. Once we have that, we will pull quotes from all the various insurance companies that will accept your health conditions. Then it’s just a matter of choosing which carrier offers you the best deal. It’s quick and easy, and you can feel confident that you shopped around to get the best deal.

We would love to earn your business. Fill out the quote form to get started. You can also call us directly at 1-800-644-2926.