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Did you know that Dean Martin was only 78 when he passed away? The iconic movie star, and partner to Jerry Lewis, had a long history of very successful films. In their prime, the two were widely considered the hottest Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 78 Year Oldsentertainment act of their era. Sadly, he died on Christmas in 1995 from acute respiratory failure because of emphysema. You may be wondering why in the world are we telling you about this man. Honestly, we just like to include some fun facts about someone who is the same age as you.

In any case, at your age, you can still get yourself a new burial insurance policy if you need one. Hopefully, you have some already, or some other way to ensure you final expenses are paid off. If not, you should take immediate action. Take a look below at some of the sample burial insurance rates for 78 year olds to see about what it will cost you at your current age. Obviously burial insurance prices are more expensive now since you are so close to 80. The key thing to getting the best price is to apply as soon as possible. Even one more year can result in a big cost increase. Take a look at what burial insurance costs for a 79 year old. Now compare those prices to what the example prices below. As you can see, waiting will cost you.


How To Get The Cheapest Rate On A Burial Insurance Plan At 78

In today’s age, shopping around when buying anything is a great idea. In fact, it’s completely necessary in most cases to ensure you aren’t getting shafted. This is all still true even when it comes to buying final expense life insurance. To get the best price on your burial insurance at 78, or any age for that matter, is done by shopping around.

However, shopping around does not entail you contacting a dozen different insurance companies asking them to give you quotes. If you do that, the insurer will simply refer you to an agent or agency that is licensed to sell their products. You would then need to contact each individual agency and ask them for quotes from the carrier you contacted. Does this process sound quick and hassle free? Probably not. Instead of trying to do all of that, you can accomplish all that and then some by consulting with an independent agency that is licensed to sell the insurance products from all the top rated burial insurance companies in your state.

By law, insurance rates are the same no matter who you deal with. For example, if you got a Mutual of Omaha quote from us, and from XYZ agency down the street, the prices will be the exact same. Again, by law they have to be. When you utilize the services of an independent agency like Choice Mutual, they shop and compare rates for you instantly, and from multiple insurance companies.

Don’t Forget About The Underwriting

Another key element to consider is the underwriting aspect. Every company has different underwriting criteria. They all accept and decline different health conditions. There is absolutely no way you master the underwriting for 30 different final expense companies to diagnose which ones would suit you best based on your individual health profile. This is another key way in which an independent agency saves you a ton of money and time.

We have been doing only burial insurance for over five years now. At this point, we are complete masters of the underwriting for each carrier in the marketplace. Within just a few minutes of talking with you about your health, we can quickly diagnose all the various burial insurance companies that will accept your health conditions with open arms. Honestly, it would be to your benefit to pay for a service such as that, but don’t worry you don’t have to because we would never charge someone for that. We get paid by the insurance companies for bringing them clients so it all works out in the end.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is find a reputable qualified independent burial insurance agency to help you, and you will get the best rates on your burial insurance.


Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 78 Year Olds


Tobacco User- Female


Tobacco User- Male


Guaranteed issue burial insurance

We often get asked about these no health question policies and how they work. Often called guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance, these plans are just what they say. The insurance companies guarantee that you are accepted no matter what. You don’t have to answer health questions, and they will not check your medical history in any way.

There are over a dozen insurance companies on the market that sell these no health question final expense plans. The only difference is what they all charge. They all come with a mandatory two year waiting period. During this time, they will refund all your money you ever paid plus a little bit of interest (10% is the most common). After the two years is up, your policy is fully in effect and will totally pay out if something happens to you.

While these polices have their place in certain situations, the overwhelming majority of people should not buy them. The reason we say this to you is very simple. You can probably get a much cheaper price and have instant coverage by going with a plan that has health questions. If, and only if, you can’t qualify for a burial insurance that has underwriting (health questions), then you should resort to a guaranteed issue burial insurance plan.

If you are considering a burial insurance policy that has no health questions, please call us first. Allow us to speak with you to get familiar with your health. We will give it to you straight and let you know if you can qualify for a plan that has underwriting. In fact, over 90% of our clients are approved for a final expense policy that has no waiting period. Find out if we can help you too before you pull the trigger.

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