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Depending on where you look, finding affordable burial insurance with AFib can be frustrating and time consuming. If you have searched for any meaningful amount of time, you are probably well aware that lots of insurance companies take issue with this condition.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

For years now we have been successfully helping folks all over the USA secure quality affordable final expense insurance even with atrial fibrillation. Our customers don’t have to suffer through waiting periods or pay exorbitantly high prices either. At Choice Mutual, we make it simple, affordable, and we’ll show you precisely how to secure AFib burial insurance at the lowest cost possible.

Oh and one more thing…

No burial insurance policy will ever require you to take a physical or medical exam as part of the application process. There are only health questions.

In this article, we will detail exactly what insurers look for when you have AFib, how they respond, and how to find the best burial policy when you have atrial fibrillation.


Here’s The Truth About Burial Insurance With Atrial Fibrillation

There are indeed some funeral insurance companies that will charge you more money and possibly impose a waiting period. However, there are absolutely plenty of insurance companies that welcome AFib applicants with open arms, and treat them the same as a person in perfect health!

What’s the bottom line?

The deal is simple. When it comes to AFib, we have access to many different insurance carriers that will not penalize you in any way. Now, if you were working with another agency that had very limited access to insurance companies, the outcome would not be as promising. But since you are working with Choice Mutual, you reap the benefits of having access to multiple insurers that accept AFib like it’s nothing at all.


AFib underwriting with final expense insurance companies

In some fashion, most final expense life insurance companies will inquire about Atrial Fibrillation in one way or another. They will not ask about the severity of your condition, or what caused it. It’s very black and white to them. The only question they will have is: “Do you, or do you not have AFib?”

Most health questions on a final expense application will be tied to a specific period of time. For example, almost all applications will ask if you have had a bout with cancer in the last 2 or 3 years. In the case of AFib, they will always ask if you have ever in your life had this condition. Since it’s not something you can cure or get rid of, they always ask about it for your entire life.Burial Insurance With Atrial Fibrillation

Now according to the Mayo Clinic, AFib is just a term that describes a condition where your heart beats at an irregular pace and often times very rapidly. With that, some burial insurance applications will specifically mention “Atrial Fibrillation”, but some will ask if you have had “irregular heart beat”. Either way, if you have AFib, you would need to say yes regardless of which way they ask about it.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all final expense applications will ask about AFib. You may think that sounds strange, but it’s the truth. There are actually quite a few burial insurance companies we work with that will not inquire about Atrial Fibrillation or irregular heart beat. For these insurers, they are perfectly accepting of this condition, and they will not penalize you in ANY WAY. To them, it’s just as though you didn’t have it.


What Information We Need To Properly Help You

In general, there are only two key questions we will have for you that specifically pertain to AFib

  1. Do you have AFib?
  2. What medications do you take?

For AFib, that is all we need to know. Since burial insurance companies are not interested in any other data about the condition, this is all we need. One thing you might have noticed is that final expense life insurance plans were designed to be very simple and super easy to understand and apply for.


Here’s Where The Rubber Meets The Road, And How We Save You Money

When we say we can get you a burial policy that will not cost more or require you to endure any sort of waiting period, we are simply putting you with one of the final expense companies that does not ask about Atrial Fibrillation or irregular heart beat. Since they don’t ask, that means they are okay with that.

Insider Tip: Any time a life insurance company does not ask about a health condition, it means they are ok with it. For example, no final expense application with any carrier will ask you if you have hypertension. You won’t see this question because 100% of burial insurance companies are completely fine with hypertension. So again, if you don’t see it, don’t worry about it.

Sure there are lots of companies that take issue with AFib, but we really don’t care. Because we have access to many different insurance companies that are totally fine with this condition, we don’t even need to worry about the ones that do. It’s one of the many benefits when you have lots of choices!


Medications That Would Indicate Atrial Fibrillation

When applying for coverage with any funeral insurance company, the underwriting will have two separate components. Basically, the insurer will ask you their formal health questions, and they will electronically analyze your prescription history. Both of these processes give them the data they need to complete their risk analysis and determine if you are eligible for coverage.

What are we getting at here?

Other than the health questions, carriers will be on the lookout for medications that would suggest you have AFib. If you are on any of the below medications, expect carriers to view you as an Atrial Fibrillation patient.

  • Digitek
  • Digoxin
  • Lanoxicaps
  • Lanoxin
  • Amiodarone

You might be on other medications for AFib, but those are the most common. If you are on them and you apply for coverage with a company that does not respond favorably to AFib, these medications will pop up and they will view you as an AFib patient.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Atrial Fibrillation

First and foremost, the best burial insurance is simply the one that costs the least. Does it make sense to unnecessarily pay more for a product when the all other factors are the same? We say no. The only difference among all these insurance companies is what they charge for your coverage. In the end, it’s all about you getting the best deal. Well, finding the best burial policy for you is rather simple. However, technically you won’t be finding it.

To find the best burial insurance with atrial fibrillation, you have to work with an agency like Choice Mutual that represents lots of different insurance companies. Then and only then, will you have a burial insurance advocate on your behalf that can freely compare rates from various insurers to identify which one is lowest for you.

Like we said earlier, our goal would be to place you with an insurance carrier that does not ask about AFib or irregular heart beat or any other high risk conditions you may deal with. Thankfully, we have lots of them.

But here’s the kicker

You have to call us or let us call you. This is just not something you can do on your own. Why make 10-15 phone calls to different agents when you can accomplish everything and then some with just one call to us?

However, if you choose to work with another company, just make sure they have access to lots of different insurance companies. If they don’t, you will likely overpay. This is absolutely critical.

Burial Insurance With Atrial Fibrillation

One important thought to remember

Clearly this article is about AFib. The thing you must remember is that AFib is just one piece of the overall puzzle. Every burial insurance company will ask about many different health conditions. So while we have lots of companies that freely accept Atrial fibrillation applicants, they might not be so accepting of your other health conditions.

We tell you this because we don’t want to give you the impression that no matter what we can find you a first day coverage policy at a rock bottom price. If all you have is AFib, then yes we certainly can. But without knowing the details about all your other health issues and medications for other conditions, we can’t say for sure. Just make sure you divulge everything to your Choice Mutual agent, so they can serve you properly and faithfully.

We will end with this. Over 90% of our customers are approved for a policy that has no waiting period, and came at the lowest price possible. So if you have AFib or irregular heartbeat, we are ultra confident that we can surely do the same for you. You can call us toll free at 1-800-644-2926. You can also let us call you by filling out the quote form with your phone number. If you do, we will be in touch within a day.