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Real $14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes | Expert Advice & Suggestions

Written by Choice Mutual | Last updated: April 20, 2017

$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

Need quotes for coverage other than $14,000? Just fill out the quote form on this page and you see multiple prices for any amount of coverage you are interested in.

Searching most websites for burial insurance quotes can be a lot like buying stuff off craigslist. You just don’t know if it’s real or not.

But not with us

At Choice Mutual, we really do provide you with real quotes. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

In this article, you’ll find $14,000 burial insurance quotes from five different insurance companies. In addition, we will give you some helpful funeral planning tips along with an insider’s guide to no health question policies.

Article Quick Guide

  1. Rates For $14,000 In Final Expense Coverage
  2. Tips When Planning A Funeral
  3. The Inside Scoop On No Health Question Policies


Actual $14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

Just below you can will see multiple $14,000 final expense quotes. These are real prices directly from the insurer.


There’s a few things to remember when you look at these prices.

First, all rates shown are for people who have no smoked cigarettes within the last year. If you have, then you will surely pay a higher premium.

Second, prices are determined by your exact age. As you can see, we don’t have every age listed. However, you can see the rate for an age that is close to however old you are right now. Expect that your price will be relatively close to what rates you do see.

Third, your health plays a big role in the pricing. In most cases, we can find you a funeral insurance company that accepts all your health issues. However, there are some select health conditions where a person will have to pay a higher premium. Speaking with an agent will allow them to diagnose your situation and give you truly accurate rates once they know all about your health.

Lastly, we have over 15 companies to choose from, so clearly these five are not the only ones.

$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non Tobacco
$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non Tobacco
$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non Tobacco
75$103.85 $142.51
85$231.02 $279.79
$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non Tobacco
$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non Tobacco


Funeral Planning Guide

According to, when you pass away there are two main questions that your loved ones must answer.

  1. How will we pay for the funeral?
  2. What kind of service did you want?


Paying For The Funeral$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

Paying for your funeral bills is by far the most important part of the overall funeral planning process.

Here’s the deal

If you don’t come up with a plan to pay for your end of life bills, your loved ones will have to. Your family will make sure you are remembered properly because they love you. They will not simply choose to forgo a funeral merely because they can’t afford it.

Without a plan to cover these expenses, families often take on personal debt.

The average cost of a traditional burial is presently $7,000-$10,000. For a cremation service, it’s around $1,500-$5,000. This is why final expense insurance is so popular. It’s an amazing tool to address this issue.

It’s good you are looking into burial insurance now because the longer you wait the more it will cost.


Planning For The Funeral

Outside of the financial aspect of the funeral, there are many hard questions you must answer so your family won’t have to.

$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

Below you will find a list of some of the most common items that must be addressed when someone passes away. You should answer these things and document them. Keep these documents with your life insurance. Together, they will give your family all the information they need to ensure your funeral does not become a burden in any way on your family.

  • Do you prefer a burial or cremation service?
  • Do you want a viewing of the body?
  • How would you like to be dressed if there is a viewing?
  • Do you want a tombstone, vault, etc?
  • Music preferences
  • Flower preferences
  • Poems or stories to be read
  • Who do you wish to attend your funeral?
  • Casket or urn preferences
  • Color preferences for all items
  • Do you prefer to rest at a certain cemetery?
  • Are there any military preferences?
  • What happens with your belongings?
  • Do you have any final words you wish to leave your loved ones?
  • What happens to your assets and estate?
  • What medical preferences do you have in your final days?
  • The list goes on

Here’s the bottom line

Something must be done with everything you own. Something must be chosen for every aspect of your funeral. Anything you don’t determine now, your family will have to while they are grieving the loss of you.


The Inside Scoop On No Health Question Policies

Have you ever received one of those offers through the mail where the life insurance company doesn’t ask any health questions? If you are older than 45, you probably have. These kinds of policies are extremely popular right now.

Life insurance companies are rushing to get these kinds of policies to market to take advantage of their popularity.$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

So what’s the deal with them?

Basically, these kinds of policies have no health questions, and they don’t check your medical history in anyway. They are called guaranteed issue life insurance policies, and there are dozens of companies that offer them.

They are mainly marketed through direct mail. However, you will very often run into these online as well as see them on TV.


How They Work

First, they are always whole life policies. Because they are whole life, the policy can’t expire, the premiums can’t change, and the death benefit can’t decrease.

The insurance company guarantees that they will issue you a policy no matter what as long as the product is available in your state, you meet the age requirements, and you are of sound legal mind to enter into a contract.


The Drawbacks$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

many people are elated with the idea of answering no questions about their health. While this sounds amazing (and it is), this luxury comes at  hefty cost.

First of all, these policies, regardless of the company you go with, always have at least a two year waiting period. During this time, the insurance company will not pay a death benefit if you pass away. Instead, they will merely refund your premiums plus interest.

Second, the monthly premiums on these policies is always a lot more relative to policies that do have health questions. Some guaranteed issue plans can cost up to %500 more compared to a plan that has health questions.


The Pros$14,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

These policies do have their place in this world. However, it’s rare that someone truly does not a guaranteed issue plan. Below you will find the select circumstances where a guaranteed issue plan would be appropriate.

  • Cancer within the last 2 years
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Heart attack within the last year
  • Full blow stroke (not a mini stroke)within the last year
  • Dialysis
  • Currently taking nitro pills
  • Transplants
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Oxygen use (except for sleep apnea)
  • Amputations due to disease
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Wheelchair bound due to a chronic illness or disease

If you don’t have any of the above conditions, you should not be buying a guaranteed issue plan. You could get coverage from some burial insurance company that is cheaper and covers you immediately.


The Best Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Companies

If you do find yourself in need of a guarantee acceptance burial policy, it’s just a matter of identifying which one is best for you.

Here’s the bottom line with these plans

They are all the same. They only difference is what they charge each month for the insurance. With that, the 3 cheapest insurance companies by far are:

  • AIG
  • Gerber Life
  • Mutual of Omaha

All three of these companies are very close in price. Each beats out the others in price for different ages. Below are some of their rates to get an idea of how close in price they are.

Male $10,000 Guaranteed Issue Rates

AgeMutual of OmahaGerberAIG

Female $10,000 Guaranteed Issue Rates

AgeMutual of OmahaGerberAIG

Choice Mutual is an independent agency licensed in all 50 states including DC. We work with over 20 highly rated final expense life insurance companies, so that we can compare offers from all of them to find you the best deal.

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