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This Is How Much A $17,000 Burial Insurance Policy Really Costs

Written by Choice Mutual | Last updated: February 19, 2019

$17,000 Burial Insurance

In all honestly, not many people are looking for exactly $17,000 in final expense coverage. It’s kind of an odd number.

Most people are looking for a $10,000 life policy or $15,000.

Nevertheless, you want $17,000 and you shall have it!

Today you will see real quotes for a $17k burial policy, learn how to find your best policy, and warn you about two companies that are out to trick you.

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  2. A Simple Plan To Always Find The Best Policy
  3. Two Well Known Companies Out To Get You


$17,000 Burial Insurance Prices From Multiple Companies

Below are the quotes we promised. In fact, you’ll see rates from five highly rated final expense insurance companies.

These funeral insurance comparison rates were taken directly from the insurer.

However, we must inform you of a couple of things before you view these quotes.

  1. Your health is a key factor in the process. It may turn out that one of these companies might be best for you. However, it could turn out that another company would be best for you given your health.
  2. These five companies were selected at random. We work with over 15 companies.
  3. Not all of these companies are available in all states.
$17,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$17,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
60$57.99 $74.61$86.99
70$88.61$121.73 $126.57
$17,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$17,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$17,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco


A Simple Plan To Find The Best Final Expense Life Insurance Policy

In a perfect world, there would be a single life insurance company that truly had the best offer for everyone. Unfortunately, that’s impossible.

SO here’s the bottom line

There is no one final expense life insurance company that can be the best fit for every single person. It’s impossible because everyone’s individual situation is vastly different. No insurer can’t cater to hundreds of variables while remaining competitive.

$17,000 Burial Insurance

Understand this.

Every company has different underwriting and offers different prices and coverage to folks depending on their situation.

The truth is, a given life insurance company will excel in certain niche situations. Maybe they are really awesome for diabetics, but terrible for people with heart disease.

One burial insurance company just can’t be the best for everyone. That’s why it’s critically important you have lots of companies to choose from when buying final expense life insurance.

To get the best funeral insurance for you, you have to compare offers from at least 10 different burial insurance companies. Then you can know with supreme confidence which one is best for you.


Getting The Quotes

You have two choices before you to get the quotes you are looking for.

  1. Attempt to get them all yourself by calling each insurance company.
  2. Contact an agency that represents multiple companies and have them run the quotes for you.


Calling The Insurance Company Direct

If you call the insurance company directly, they will merely refer you to an agent. Eventually that agent would call you and give you a single quote from whatever insurance company they represent.

You would need to repeat that process 10-20 times to get all the quotes you are looking for.

Talk about a time sink. And what do you want to bet that every agent you speak with is going to try really hard to get you buy right then and there?


Working With An Agency

If you go the other direction and contact an independent agency, they can give you all the quotes you are looking for within minutes. An independent agency is one that represents multiple insurance companies.

There is no limit to the amount of insurance companies they may represent. Their goal is to pull quotes from all the burial insurance companies they have access to, so they can find you which one has the best offer for you.

Because they have no special affiliation with any particular insurer, they act as an impartial moderator to ensure you get the best deal.

You probably know this but Choice Mutual is an independent agency. We only sell final expense life insurance, and we represent over 15 different companies.

When you call us, you’ll receive a no pressure consultation. We will find you which insurance company offers you the best deal.

Remember this

Just because you buy through an agency does not mean your insurance costs more each month. Furthermore, the services of an independent agency are completely free!

If you truly want to find the best burial policy, you should contact an independent agency (hopefully us) that represents at least 10 insurance companies.

They will identify which company has the best plan for you. Let them do the work for you.


2 Notable Companies That Are Preying On Your Lack Of Knowledge

We’d like to think that big well known and respected companies would never do something intentionally harmful. Unfortunately that just isn’t the world we live in.

Here’s the bottom line

There are two main companies that will try to market life insurance products to you. Furthermore, they are counting on you not knowing the details of how their policies work. Essentially, they are praying that you don’t start asking questions.

They know that if you ask questions, you would likely uncover the truth which would lead to you not buying.

The two companies below spend many millions each year to get you to buy their products.

We will go into detail how each of their offerings really works, so you know the truth. Then you can decide if you like what they have to offer.


$17,000 Burial Insurance

Branded as the organization that advocates for seniors, few people believe this company would do something that is not in the best interest of a senior citizen.

When it comes to life insurance for burial expenses, they are anything but an advocate on your behalf.

Anytime you receive an offer in the mail, see an ad online, or see one of their TV commercials, they are selling you a very specific life insurance plan they offer.

Here’s the truth about their life insurance plan

  • Their policy will expire completely once you turn 80
  • The monthly payments increase every 5 years

When an AARP funeral life insurance policy expires, you don’t get any money back, and you can’t simply take out a new one.

At age 80 your only option would be to buy a whole life final expense policy which can certainly be done.

Now senior citizens can buy life insurance in their 80’s, but it’s much more costly due to their age.

Not to mention, any health issues you have might also make it difficult to qualify and more expensive.

While we have no way of knowing this, we suspect AARP deliberately goes out of their way to not disclose this information.

We day that because countless times we have spoken to folks who had no clue their policy would completely end at age 80.


$17,000 Burial Insurance

You know their amazing offer that allows you to buy $50,000 in life insurance for just $1? Yep that’s Globe Life.

For all intents and purpose, they are almost identical to AARP. They both have essentially the same game plan.

Like AARP, they are banking on you not knowing the facts.

Here’s how a Globe policy works

  • The policy expires once you turn 90
  • The monthly price will increase every five years
  • The monthly payments get SUPER expensive after the age of 80

The key thing to understand about a Globe Life final expense policy is the premiums after age 76 get really affordable.

Once you get into your 80’s, the premiums become huge. For most folks they are priced out of the coverage, so they have to drop it.

While their policy can technically last until 90, that would only be true if you could afford to pay hundreds of dollar per month for you coverage. Most seniors cannot which is why they lose their coverage.

If you go with their policy and you drop it in your 80’s, your only option would be to take out a whole life burial insurance policy. It can be done but the cost will be expensive due to your age. Furthermore, your health might impact your eligibility and price.$17,000 Burial Insurance

We don’t work for AARP or Globe, so can’t say for certain how they train their people. Having said that, after hundreds of conversations with folks who have dealt with them, it’s our opinion they train their agents to not disclose this information up front.

If you are looking for a policy to ensure your final expenses are taken care of so you don’t leave a financial burden to your family, get yourself a policy that is guaranteed to never change. The only kind of policy that has that sort of guarantee is a whole life policy.

Call us and we can help you get the best deal. We’ll compare quotes from over 15 companies to ensure you get the best deal.


Choice Mutual is an independent agency licensed in all 50 states including DC. We work with over 20 highly rated final expense life insurance companies, so that we can compare offers from all of them to find you the best deal.

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