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Curious How Much A $2,000 Burial Insurance Plan Costs? Here’s Your Answer.

Written by Choice Mutual | Last updated: February 18, 2019

$2,000 Burial Insurance

Wanting to know what it’s costs for a small $2,000 burial policy?

Of course you do; that’s why you’re here!

This article has $2k quotes from three highly rated carriers and tips to help you find your best plan.

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  2. What Is A Burial Policy?
  3. Tips To Find The Best Policy


$2,000 Funeral Insurance Prices

Staying true to our word, below you are going to see some actual rates for $2,000 final expense policies.

These are not fictitious rates meant to “hook” you into something. All funeral life insurance rates shown below were taken directly from each insurance company.

There are a few points we need to touch on as you view these prices.

  1. These rates are consistent with someone who would answer no to all the health questions with each respective carrier.
  2. Every burial insurance company will calculate your exact rate based off your precise age. With that, you will see a rate for an age that is relatively close to your current age. Expect to pay a rate that is not too far off from whatever age is closest to you.
  3. We work with over 15 companies. These are just four companies we selected at random.
$2,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$2,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$2,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco


Burial Life Insurance Defined

Funny enough, “burial insurance” is not a real type of insurance. It’s honestly just a marketing term that has been around a decade.

It’s just a specific type of life insurance.

Anytime you hear “burial insurance” or “funeral insurance”, someone is referring to a whole life insurance policy that has really lenient underwriting and small death benefit options.

$2,000 Burial Insurance

Since it’s a whole life policy, you can expect the following:

  • Coverage won’t decrease
  • Premiums can’t increase
  • Policy will never end due to age

In the end, since it’s life insurance the policy simply pays a cash benefit directly to your beneficiary. This will give your family the money needed to pay for your funeral costs.

If there happens to be money leftover, that money would be for your family to use as they see fit.


Tips To Find The Best Policy

Everyone searching for burial insurance is faced with the same challenge.

How do you find the best funeral expense plan among all the options out there?

Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think…

First and foremost, we need to discuss exactly what constitutes the best policy.

$2,000 Burial Insurance

There are three key elements you want to look for when selecting a final expense policy.

  1. Lease expensive price is as low as possible.
  2. Policy is backed by a financially stable insurance company.
  3. Coverage that protects you as much as possible as soon as possible (referring to waiting periods).

Once you find a plan that has all three of those attributes, apply for it!

Here’s the thing

Most websites will encourage you to make your decision based on meaningless factors such as how well known a company is or how much annual revenue they have.

This is a horrible standard to follow because it does not address price or underwriting.

Would it be a good idea to buy an overpriced policy that has a two year waiting period simply because it’s provided by a very well known insurance company?

Hopefully you said no.

Remember to look for the three elements listed above. Your pocketbook and family will thank you.


Actually Finding The Plan

You may not know this, it’s the truth.

The overwhelming majority of insurance companies don’t advertise or sell their insurance directly to the consumer.

Why do we tell you this?

There’s two key concepts you must understand:

  1. The lowest cost insurance is only sold through agents and agencies. Insurance carriers do not sell directly to the consumer. If you call them, they will merely refer you to an agent or agency.
  2. 99% of insurance companies in the world don’t advertise at all, so their names aren’t necessarily familiar to you. This does not mean they aren’t credible or untrustworthy. They prefer to not spend millions on advertising. Instead, they offer better coverage at cheaper rates.

There is an extremely good chance the best and cheapest final expense coverage is from an insurance company that you have never once heard of!

So here’s how you find your best policy…

To get the best policy, you need to work with an independent final expense agency that represents lots of insurance companies. They will be able to connect you with all the great companies that don’t advertise on TV. Furthermore, they will compare plans from every company they represent to find you the best deal.

$2,000 Burial Insurance

The services of an independent agent are completely free, and your insurance won’t cost more. It’s a win win all around.

Obviously, we highly recommend you allow Choice Mutual to help you with this. We are indeed an independent agency, and we work with over 15 highly rated companies.

Not to mention, senior final expense life insurance plans are all we deal with. You are dealing with true experts here.

However, if you go elsewhere, just make sure you find an independent agency that works with at least 10 companies.

And remember, you don’t have to buy a $2,000 final expense policy. You can get more if you want to 🙂


Choice Mutual is an independent agency licensed in all 50 states including DC. We work with over 20 highly rated final expense life insurance companies, so that we can compare offers from all of them to find you the best deal.

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pamela hallman

I really enjoyed reading your articles. I have learned so much today then in a life time. Alot of things never knew past the basics. If it is possible to contact me this coming week to discuss not only life insurance policy just basic and burial policy. Respectfully pamela

March 18, 2018 at 2:33 pm
    Choice Mutual

    Hi Pamela,

    We’re glad you found our website helpful. Feel free to call us at 1-800-644-2926, and one of our agents will find the best policy for you.

    We also sent you an email about this.

    Talk with you soon!

    March 19, 2018 at 6:36 am
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