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Here Are The Prices For A $3,000 Burial Insurance Plan From Multiple Carriers

Written by Anthony Martin | Last updated: February 18, 2019

$3,000 Burial Insurance

Trying to find real $3,000 burial insurance prices online?

Your search is over!

In this piece, you will see actual quotes for $3,000 final expense policies from five different highly rated insurance companies.

In addition, we will explain how policies with no health questions work so you’ll know if they’re right for you.

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Prices For A $3,000 Burial Insurance Plan

Most people looking for only $3k in coverage are trying to buy insurance to cover a cremation.

Below you will see real prices from five different burial insurance companies so you know exactly what it will cost.

However, you must take the following items into consideration when you take a gander at these rates.

  • Prices are consistent with applicants who would answer “no” to all the health questions on the application with each respective insurer.
  • Every final expense company will determine the precise rate you pay based on your exact age. You won’t see prices for every single age (it would be too long). However, you will see a price for an age that is relatively close to however old you are. Expect to pay a rate that is not too far off from whatever age is closest to you.
  • Choice Mutual represents lots of insurance companies. We are not limited to these five. We just selected these five companies at random.
$3,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$3,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$3,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
80$35.53 $46.23$46.82
$3,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco
$3,000 Burial Insurance
AgeFemale Non TobaccoMale Non TobaccoFemale TobaccoMale Tobacco



Here’s A Breakdown Of No Health Question Policies

Ever seen those ads on TV or through the mail that proclaim “Your acceptance is guaranteed!”?

$3,000 Burial Insurance

There are dozens of final expense insurance companies that offer these no health question guaranteed acceptance plans.

Here’s how they work…

They all have at least a two year waiting period (it’s never less than 2 years). If the insured passes during the waiting period they will not pay out a death benefit. Instead, they will just refund all payments made plus interest (usually 10%).

The only way a guaranteed issue policy would payout during the first two years would be in the event of accidental death.

One thing to note is if you are looking life insurance over 85 with no medical exam, guaranteed acceptance is not available.

These policies are only available for ages 85 and younger.


They are always whole life

No matter which insurance company you buy from, these no health questions asked plans are always a whole life insurance policy.

$3,000 Burial Insurance

For that reason, the following will be true:

  • Premiums guaranteed to never increase
  • Policy cannot end or term out due to age
  • Coverage is guaranteed to never decrease

Essentially, the policy will remain in force and never change as long as you make your premium payments.

The only person who can change your policy is you!

Since it’s life insurance, the net result will simply be a tax free check for whatever amount of coverage you purchase assuming you live longer than two years.

There’s no restrictions how the money is used either. Should the be money leftover after the funeral costs were paid, that money will stay with your beneficiaries to enrich their lives.


They Are Not The Best Option For Most People$3,000 Burial Insurance Quotes

The prospect of applying without having to answer any health questions sure does sound great, but it comes at a huge price.

Here’s the truth of it.

The overwhelming majority of folks looking for final expense life insurance can and do qualify for a plan with some company that does ask health questions.

Applying with a company where you do answer questions about health will result in two huge benefits if you’re approved:

  1. Much lower monthly rates
  2. No two year waiting period

It’s pretty simple really.

Would you rather unnecessarily pay more money each month and have a two year waiting period when you don’t have to?

Of course you wouldn’t!

This is why most people should not be buying a no health question policy.

Due to the amount of funeral insurance companies competing in the market today, there is almost always one out there that will accept all your health issues. The usual question is- which one is it?

Consulting with an independent agency like Choice Mutual will ensure you find which companies will take all your health issues, so you don’t have to default to a guaranteed issue plan.


When Guaranteed Issue Does Make Sense

While most people on average should not take a guaranteed acceptance policy, there are some who should.

The truth is there are some health situations where it’s totally appropriate to do so.

In fact for many of these health issues, guaranteed issue is the only way you can secure any new life insurance.

Here are some example conditions where a no health question policy is appropriate. This is not a complete list, but it does represent the majority of reasons.

  • Cancer within the last 2 years
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Alzheimer’s or Dementia
  • Nursing home confinement
  • Wheelchair usage due to a chronic illness or disease
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Dialysis
  • Transplants

There are some other rare situations where a GI policy is appropriate, but that list is fairly comprehensive.

If you’re looking for a final expense policy, call us first. We’ll quickly determine if there is a company that you can apply with where you do answer health questions and are approved.

We’ll give it you straight 🙂


Choice Mutual is an independent agency licensed in all 50 states including DC. We work with over 20 highly rated final expense life insurance companies, so that we can compare offers from all of them to find you the best deal.

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