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Life Insurance For 86 Year Olds Does Exist. Here Are The Policy Options & Prices

Life insurance for 86 year old

Looking for life insurance on someone who is 86?

You came to the right place.

Your options at this age are very limited, but it’s absolutely possible to get coverage.

We’ll show you what options you have, what it costs, and how to apply.

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Policy Options For Life Insurance For 86 Year Olds

For 86 years olds, the only type of policy available is whole life insurance.

As you probably know, there are many kinds of life insurance out there.

When it comes to life insurance for people over 85, it’s whole life from here on out.

Quick Tip: There are some websites that will flat out lie to you and tell you there is term life insurance for 86 year olds. They are lying just to get clicks on their website. If you don’t believe us, call them and ask. They won’t be able to back up the words on their website. If you see any site make the claim that you can get a form of life insurance other than whole life at age 86, run as fast as you can. You are dealing with a scam artist.

Life insurance for 86 year old

You’re probably wondering… so how does a whole life insurance plan work?

Here’s how they work. They are incredibly simple.

  • Policy will never expire due to age
  • Coverage will not decrease at any point
  • Premiums are fixed for life and cannot increase

That’s seriously all there is not know about how a whole life policy works.

Simple right?

As is the case with all forms of life insurance, the policy will merely pay out cash tax free cash benefit directly to your beneficiary(s).

There are no rules how the money has to be used which is great because every funeral home in America will take cash.

If there happens to be money left over, your beneficiaries get to keep it to enrich their lives.


Is There A 2 year Waiting Period On The Policy?

The short answer is no.Life insurance for 86 year old

When buying life insurance for 86 year old male or female, you either qualify for an immediate benefit plan or you get out right declined.

There is no middle ground at this age.

If your policy is approved an issued, it will fully cover you from the very first day (still subject to the contestability clause).


Age 86 Quotes

Below you will see actual rates for burial insurance for 86 year olds. These are real prices.

At this age, you would either qualify for these prices or you wouldn’t qualify at all.

These quotes are from a company called American Continental Life Insurance Company which is owned by Aetna.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Coverage is subject to underwriting approval.
  • This product is not available in all states.
  • In Montana, men and women pay the same rate (whatever the male rate is).
  • You can have face amounts other than what’s shown, but the most you can buy is $10,000.
  • The prices are this high because of your age. The average life expectancy of a man is 76 and is 81 for a woman.


Life insurance for 86 year old

Female Non Tobacco


Male Non Tobacco


Female Tobacco


Male Tobacco



Secret Life Insurance Trick That Can Help 86 Year Olds

As you have likely figured out by now, life insurance options for 86 year olds are incredibly limited to say the least.

However, there is a rather unknown life insurance trick that you may be able to utilize that will result in you having MUCH more options.

We are referring to back-dating your policy. It’s also knowing as “saving age”.Life insurance for 86 year old

So what is back-dating you ask?

It’s when the insurance company (not all of them allow this) lets you date the policy to a date before your 86th birthday.

Why does this help?

Because it effectively makes you 85.

Life insurance options for an 85 year old are SUBSTANTIALLY different compared to that of an 86 year old.

Here are 4 big reasons why this trick may be beneficial to you.

  1. More companies to choose from. There are dozens and dozens of companies available to an 85 year old. At age 86 there are only 2 in the nation.
  2. Much larger face amount options. At age 85, there are companies that will issue $20k, $30k, $40k and more in coverage. At age 86, the max is $10k.
  3. Lower premiums. The monthly premiums are much less at 85 than 86.
  4. Underwriting diversity. Because there are many more companies to choose from at 85 (and they all underwrite differently), you have a much better chance of medically qualifying for coverage.


Here’s What You Need To Know About Backdating A Policy To Age 85.

Upon the policy being approved and issued, the insurance company will require all the back payments.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say today’s date is 7/22/2018 and your date of birth is 3/15/1932. You would need to back-date the policy to 3/14/2018 because that would make you 85.

Had you actually taken out the policy on 3/14/2018 and still had it today, you would have made a payment for March, April, May, June & July.

Once they approved your policy, you would have to make one bulk payment for all those months combined.

As you can see, back-dating can be difficult to pull off if you have cash flow issues. If you can do it however, it can be very valuable.

Plus, if your 86th birthday was only a month or two ago, you’re only looking at one or two extra payments up front.

If you are looking at getting life insurance for a parent or yourself, you should put some serious consideration into saving age. It will drastically alter your options in a good way.


How To Apply

First, there are only two companies that will offer burial insurance for 86 year olds. The first one mentioned above is Aetna and the other is Security National Life.

Of the two companies, Aetna is less expensive.

To apply with Aetna you cannot contact them directly. They would merely tell you to find an agent.

We represent Aetna and can definitely help you apply with them.

Unfortunately, Security National Life requires their agents to physically meet with someone in their home to take the application.

For that reason, we do not work with them. We service the entire USA and DC, and we help our clients remotely. We don’t have our agents go into your home. You can apply with us while maintaining total privacy.

You have two options to reach us.

  1. Call our toll free number which is 1-800-644-2926. One of our agents will answer any questions you may have and facilitate the application process with Aetna.
  2. Run quotes using the quoting tool that is on this page. You will see Aetna pop up (if you are in state that Aetna operates in). Then simply fill out the application request and one of our agents will be in touch very soon to help you finalize everything.


No Medical Exam

There is no kind of physical or medical exam required. Aetna will qualify you by asking you a series of health questions and conduction a prescription history check.

Don’t fret though. They will take care of getting your meds. They do it electronically. There’s nothing you need to do.

In case you’re wondering, they analyze your prior medications to ensure you answered the health questions accurately. For example, if you say no to the question about Hepatitis, but you’ve taken Harvoni or some other Hepatitis drug, they will know you didn’t answer properly.

Know this

One of our agents will review your medications prior to submitting your application. We would only bother applying if your drugs aren’t an issue.


 What Does The Application Process Entail?

The following commentary is applicable to working with us. We cannot comment on what you may experience when working with someone else.

Having said that, there are three options available in regard to how we apply. For all three of these options, Aetna will generally render an underwriting decision within 2-5 business days.

If you are approved, you’ll get a printed policy in the mail within two weeks. You won’t need to physically sign anything. You just need to store the policy somewhere safe for your records.

Your policy would fully protect you on whatever day you selected the payments to begin.

Life insurance for 86 year old

Voice Signature

With this method, your agent will gather all the information needed to fill out the application. The insured will complete a brief phone interview with Aetna. They will basically just confirm your basic information and ask you the health questions for the record. On that call, they will run a prescription history check and give us a pre-approval. In most cases, a pre-approval means the applicant will be officially approved. If you were declined for some reason, they would tell us right then and there. Assuming we secure a pre-approval, we would then obtain your voice signature by having you agree to certain statements. Your voice signature takes place of you having to physically sign a paper application.

Email Signature

With this option, your agent will gather all the data necessary to fill out the whole application. At this point, the insured will complete the brief phone interview with Aetna where they ask the health questions. On that call they will give us a pre-approval or a rejection. Assuming we get a pre-approval, you would then sign the application by accessing an email Aetna sends to you. You essentially click a few buttons to sign it electronically which serves as your legal binding signature.

Paper Application

There really is no reason why this would be necessary but on occasion it does happen. When applying via paper, your agent will begin by gathering 100% of the information needed to fill out the app. At that point, you would get mailed the papers to sign and return. Once we get them back, you will complete the brief personal health interview with Aetna where they ask the health questions on a recorded line. If we get a decline, everything stops there. However, if we get a pre-approval, your agent will submit it to underwriting where we wait for them to process it.