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Here’s An Angel Care Insurance Review That Has The Answers You’re Looking For

Angel Care Insurance

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Angel Care Life Insurance. This review is merely our attempt to help consumers understand who they are and what they are being offered. This article contains both fact and opinion derived from the information we could find online about them.

Did you see or hear an advertisement on TV or radio from Angel Care Insurance Network?

And now you have questions about them…

Of course you do. You’re obviously a smart consumer doing your research 🙂

We scoured the internet about them.

Here’s what we found…

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Who Is Angel Care Insurance Services?

Angel Care Insurance network advertises on TV and radio selling final expense life insurance. From the research we’ve done, it appears that “Angel Care” is not the name of the company that is really producing the advertisements.

“Angel Care” seems to be a fictitious brand name used strictly for advertising purposes. That name was likely chosen because it’s generic and nonspecific to any particular company.

Angel Care Insurance

Ultimately, anyone who calls in from an Angel Care Insurance Company advertisement will be serviced by licensed agents who actually sell the insurance.

The primary agency behind these advertisements appears to be a company called Northstar Insurance Advisors.

Through our investigation, we were able to determine that Northstar is a legitimate & trustworthy insurance agency based out of Wentzville Missouri.

They employ agents in offices throughout the nation. They don’t have much of an online record, but what does exist seems mostly positive.

Northstar appears to service most of the calls generated via the Angel Care network ads. However, if they do not service the call, it looks as if they will sell the caller’s contact info to another insurance agent/agency.

This is likely the reason why Northstar chose to use the generic name of Angel Care life insurance rather than their own company name.

That makes it very easy for them to sell the callers info as a lead to another company. Plus, they don’t need to worry about their name being tarnished if the buyer of the call has poor customer service.


Here’s What They Are Selling

Ultimately, if you talk to an insurance agent after calling one of their ads, they will attempt to sell you a life insurance policy to cover your end of life costs.

Angel Care Insurance

It’s a whole life insurance policy with relaxed underwriting so most minor health issues aren’t a barrier to qualification.

Here’s the important details you need to know:

  • Fixed premiums for life
  • Coverage guaranteed to never decrease
  • Policy guaranteed to never expire
  • No exam required

Since their plans are life insurance, upon your passing the insurance company would merely payout a  tax-free cash payment to your beneficiary.

This would provide your family with the money needed to cover your final expenses. If there was money left over, it would simply remain with your family.


These Are The Insurance Companies Angel Care Insurance Network Offers

Remember, if you call in from one of their advertisements, your call will most likely be handled by North Insurance Agency.

However, you may get passed off to another agent or agency that buys the call in the event Northstar can’t handle the call or simply doesn’t want it.Angel Care Insurance

Here’s what we found so far.

If your call is handled by Northstar, they seem to only represent two insurance companies (which is a huge concern).

Their primary carrier is called American Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas. They are an A rated insurer that has been around for over 100 years. Very solid company all around.

American Amicable is an insurance company we represent for this very reason. Their funeral life insurance policy is very competitive, but they are by no means the best option for everyone.

When shopping for any kind of life insurance, you need options. This is why was said it’s a huge concern that Northstar only has two companies to choose from.

The second company Northstar seems to represent is National Guardian Life. Why they chose them is beyond our understanding. NGL was always known for having a high-priced guaranteed acceptance policy.


If Northstar does not handle your call, there is no telling which insurance companies you may be offered. We don’t know because there is no way for us to determine which insurance agent or agency they sell the call off to.


Are They A Scam Or A Legitimate Company?

Here’s a little food for thought to start off with. There’s a 99% chance that any company you see on TV is legitimate and isn’t some scam.

The reason is simple.Angel Care Insurance

It’s expensive to advertise on TV!

Scam artists don’t invest tens of thousands of dollars to be on TV. In reality, they can’t afford it. Scammers cold call people or use robo-dialers because those are relatively free and anonymous.

That aside, the question at hand is can you trust senior care plan angel insurance?

The answer is yes you can trust them. They certainly are not a scam in any way shape or form.

We certainly don’t think you’ll get a good deal on final expense insurance by calling them.

What we can say is that if you do, you can rest easy knowing you really did buy insurance from a real company.


Should You Buy Final Expense Coverage From Angel Care Network Life Insurance?

As we have maintained throughout this article, they seem to be a trustworthy entity in the sense that you can be sure they really do sell insurance.Angel Care Insurance

Having said that, if you need final expense insurance, should you buy from them?

The answer is no. It’s not in your best interest to buy Angel Care Network life insurance.

Here’s why we say that…

  1. There is no AngelCare website. You cannot go on a website to learn about them as a company, run quotes, or see what plans & companies they offer. In this age, this is unheard of and a very bad sign.
  2. Northstar Insurance Advisors will most likely handle your call. Northstar only having access to two insurance companies is highly distressing. If you have any health impairments, you almost certainly won’t get a good deal by calling them. What if their insurance companies don’t respond well to your health issues? You’ll probably pay a lot more and have an unnecessary waiting period since they don’t have other options. It’s imperative that you work with an agency that has access to lots of final expense companies.
  3. If Northstar doesn’t handle your call, there’s no telling who will. As mentioned earlier, Northstar will at times sell off the call to some other agent or agency if they can’t handle it themselves. Who they sell the calls to is completely unknown. It’s always prudent to know who you’re doing business with and if you call Angel Care, you may not know who is servicing you.

Bottom line is the AngelCare Network has gone out of its way to keep certain things secret. That’s bad form and not reassuring at all if you’re the consumer.

You should know exactly who you’re doing business with, how to find them, and everything in between. This information should be easy to find and with Angel Care, it’s not.


Here’s A Much Better Way To Buy Final Expense Life Insurance

Full disclosure, we are about to give you a shameless plug for our company but hear us out. There is merit to what we’re saying.

Before we do that, let us just clarify that even if you chose not to buy burial insurance from us, there are many other agencies out there with similar setups that would also be superior to Angel Care.

Angel Care Insurance


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