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Assurity Burial Insurance Review

Assurity Burial Insurance Review

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Important Notice: As of January 1 2019, Assurity no longer offers their final expense product. If you are an existing policyholder, your policy will remain in force forever. You will be unaffected. They merely stopped accepting new applicants.

Choosing the right burial insurance company can be tough. It’s an essential part of end of life planning. There are many factors to consider when deciding on which final expense plan is best for Assurity Burial Insurance Reviewyou. In this Assurity burial insurance review, we will take a hard look at their entire program. Assurity was one the companies who made our top 10 list of best burial insurance companies.

At Choice Mutual, our goal with every review is to meticulously analyze every aspect of a burial insurance plan. We want you to make you aware of everything. You will be an Assurity burial insurance expert after you read this piece. Before you buy any burial insurance plan, we recommend first speaking to a professional agency (such as us). On your own, it is a huge task to determine which burial insurance plan is right for you. However, after reading this piece, you should have a good sense if Assurity would be a good burial insurance option for you.

Just below you will see our quick review. This is a basic analysis of Assurity and their burial insurance offering. If you scroll down after the quick review, you will find our full review. The full Assurity review goes into great detail. We take a hard look at their underwriting, the policy options and where they are strong and weak.


Our Quick Assurity Burial Insurance Review

Assurity has been in business for well over 100 years and have extremely solid financials. Along with this, you will find they are very highly rated. Their final expense program consists of three different plans you can medically qualify for depending on your overall health.

Their Modified plan is something you should avoid at all costs. Nobody should ever take this plan. It has a waiting period and costs too much. With this in mind, you pay less and avoid a waiting period if you have health conditions that would put you in their modified category.

The Graded plan by Asssurity is quite good. It’s priced very well and offers you the ability to get some immediate protection in spit of some very serious health issues. If you have CHF or have had a heart attack or stroke within the last year, you should really consider this plan.

Last but not least, their Level death benefit plan is amazing. First of all, it has a price that is among the lowest in the industry. The level plan only looks back one year on some common health events. Most companies would go back two years whereas Assurity only does one. If you have COPD and you don’t smoke, this is unequivocally the best burial insurance plan for you. All in all, there are many situations where this level plan could be your best option. Read the full review for complete details.

There are many niches where Asssurity can provide you with superior coverage you won’t get elsewhere. They are a solid company with very attractive underwriting.


Company Background

Founded in 1890, Assurity certainly is not new to the insurance game. In Lincoln Nebraska is the Assurity’s home office. They are actually a certified B corporation. In a nutshell, B corporations are for profit companies. However, they must meet rigorous social standards.

Assurity also gets involved in their community on a consistent basis. They regularly sponsored volunteer activities like: blood drives, Habitat for Humanity, collections for the Food Bank, and holiday “giving tree,” Junior Achievement and Special Olympics.

A.M. Best currently has Assurity rated A- (excellent). This is a very strong mark for an insurer. Assurity presently has almost $2.5 billion in assets under management. In 2015, they paid out $58 million in death benefits to beneficiaries.

Like most insurers, Assurity deals with much more than just burial insurance. They presently offer insurance for disability income, critical illness, accidental death, and various annuities. Their life insurance offering is diverse as well.

They sell all the major types of life insurance in addition to burial insurance. Take note that in this article, we will only be discussing their burial insurance program.

Overall, they are a very stable company with strong financials. You can depend on them to pay their bill whenever your family should call upon them. Their home office (shown below) is yet more proof they are doing well financially. Among insurers, they probably have the nicest home office in the nation.

Assurity Burial Insurance Review

 The Full Assurity Review

Here you will find out complete Assurity Review. We have taken a hard look at their underwriting, all policy options, and given you our sincere opinion about it all. We turned over every stone and looked around every corner to bring you a total blueprint to their burial insurance program.


Assurity’s “LifeScape” final expense program

Choice Mutual Grade= A

Quick facts about these plans

  • Coverage never expires
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Coverage never decreases
  • 3 plans available- 2 with immediate protection

Most final expense companies will develop a formal name for their burial insurance. Assurity’s burial insurance program goes by the name LifeScape. In total, they have three different plans available. Your health will decide which plan you qualify for, if any.

First, they have an immediate benefit plan. It’s the cheapest of the three. They also have a graded and modified plan. Interestingly, the graded and modified plan both cost the same amount. Again, your health determines which plan you qualify for if any.

This burial insurance by Assurity is incredibly easy to understand. For starters, it’s whole life insurance. Because it’s whole life, it cannot ever expire. Additionally, the monthly payments are fixed. Lastly, the benefits cannot decrease.

It’s basically the opposite of AARP and Globe Life. With those two companies, your monthly payment goes up as you get older, and the policy terminates at a certain age.

With Assurity, you never have to worry about this happening. It will always be there. It will never change. You can count on that.


No riders available

Many final expense companies have rider options. In effect, these allow you to add on additional forms of protection. There are many rider options to choose form. Unfortunately, Assurity is not a company that offers any riders. Do you want additional rider protection? You should take a look at the below companies for extra rider coverage:


How Assurity determines your eligibility

Assurity will consider four different categories when determine your eligibility. They will look at the following:

  • Your answers to their health questionnaire
  • Your prescription history
  • Any relevant records on file with MIB (Medical Information Bureau)
  • Your height to weight ratio

Without question, the single most pertinent part of any final expense application is the health survey. Your answers to the health questions are the most influential part of the application process.

In additional to the application, they will conduct a phone interview. On the call, you will speak with an underwriter. They will ask you all the health questions, and any follow up questions if necessary. They will also get your approval that allows them to check your medical history.

Assurity has a rather unique underwriting practice. You will find that most other burial insurance companies do not do this. They have a habit of asking for additional underwriting information. Basically, if you have certain ailments, they will ask you additional followup questions related to those conditions.

Every burial insurance company divides their health questions into sections. The first health questions with any insurer, are always the knockout questions. If you say yes to ANY of the knockout questions, you are not eligible for any coverage.

As previously stated, Assurity will also look at your MIB file and your prescription history as part of the application process. Assurity is pretty good about coming back with a decision within a couple of days. It does not take long for you to receive a decision about your application.

Signs of knockout treatments in your prescription history is an automatic decline. If so, it does not matter if you say no the questions. In other words, insurance companies will believe you did have the condition in question based off your prescriptions. Do not fret if this happens to you. An experienced agency, like us, can deal with this easily.


Here are Assurity’s knockout questions:

  1. In the past 2 years, has the Proposed Insured been charged with or convicted of a felony?
  2. Has the Proposed Insured been medically diagnosed as having a life expectancy of 12 months or less?
  3. In the past 12 months, has the Proposed Insured been medically diagnosed with diabetes or been treated for uncontrolled diabetes or any complications thereof, including numbness, amputation, circulation, eye or kidney disorder, coma or insulin shock; needed assistance or personal supervision to perform any activities of daily living (toileting, transferring, continence, eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, walking, managing medications); had or been advised to have brain, heart or circulatory surgery; had chronic respiratory disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or emphysema; been treated with oxygen; been diagnosed with heart disease or had myocardial infarction (heart attack) or heart-related chest pain (angina); or been confined to a nursing facility or received inpatient services at a medical facility for more than 48 continuous hours?
  4. Has the Proposed Insured ever been medically diagnosed as having or been treated for (including office visits, medication or surgery): leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, a blood or bleeding disorder, connective tissue disorder, Parkinson’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B, C or D, liver disease, kidney disease with dialysis treatment, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, lymphoma, lymph node enlargement or malignant melanoma; or received or been advised to receive an organ or tissue transplant; or in the past 5 years been medically diagnosed with or been treated for internal cancer?
  5. Has the Proposed Insured been medically diagnosed as having cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Down’s syndrome or congenital heart disease?
  6. Has the Proposed Insured had a medical test and not yet received the results, or been advised to have surgery or receive medical treatment?
  7. Has the Proposed Insured ever been medically diagnosed as having or been treated by a medical professional for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), AIDS-related complex (ARC) or antibodies to human T-lymphotropic virus type III (HTLV), or had a positive test for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antibodies?


Do not worry if these conditions apply to you

First of all, do not be alarmed if you have any of these conditions. Because, Assurity is just one company out of many. In fact, there are many other burial insurance companies that have different underwriting guidelines altogether. More than likely, there is a company that does accept you and your health conditions.

However, if there is no company that can issue you coverage given your medical history, there is always Gerber Life. Gerber offers a no health question guaranteed issue policy. They will not ask you a single health question or check your medical history. Thus, Gerber will approve you no matter what.

Granted, Gerber costs more and comes with a 2 year waiting period. For that reason, you only resort to a guaranteed acceptance policy by Gerber if you can’t qualify elsewhere. Thankfully, it’s there if absolutely necessary.


Clearing up a poorly worded health question

Regarding Assurity’s knockout questions, there is part that confuses everyone. Quite frankly, it’s confusing to us too! The wording on the second knockout question is downright confusing. Specifically, we are referring to the part of the knockout question that mentions COPD and emphysema.

Based off the wording, it seems as if having COPD or emphysema is a total knockout. Thankfully, this is not the case. We have actually confirmed with their underwriters exactly what their guidelines are. COPD or emphysema is only a knockout under the following circumstances:

  1. Your initial COPD or emphysema diagnosis was within the last 12 months.
  2. You have COPD or emphysema and you use oxygen.
  3. You have COPD or emphysema and you use tobacco.

To be perfectly clear, you can have COPD or emphysema, and be eligible for coverage as long as the above 3 scenarios are NOT true. Perhaps, they will change the wording one day. However, we won’t hold our breathe on that.

All around, many of Assurity’s knockout conditions are gladly accepted elsewhere. If any of these knockout conditions apply to you, contact us and we will find which burial insurance company is your best option. Fill out the quote form, and we will contact you soon.


The “modified” burial insurance plan by Assurity

Choice Mutual Grade= F

Quick facts about this plan

  • Coverage never expires
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Coverage never decreases
  • 2 year waiting period

To be eligible for this plan, you must say no to all the knockout health questions. Furthermore, your MIB file and prescription history must not show traces of treatment for any knockout condition.

Assurity’s modified plan only has one health question. If you say yes to this question or have been treated for its conditions, you will be approved for their modified benefit.


This is Assurity’s only modified health question:

  1. In the past 90 days, has the Proposed Insured been, or are they now, confined to a psychiatric facility or receiving home health care?

This modified plan comes with a two year waiting period. If you pass away during the first year of the policy, they will refund 110% of your annual premium. If death occurs in the second year, they will return 220% of your annual premium. Most final expense companies only throw in an additional 10% onto the money you paid in.

During the two year waiting period, Assurity will pay out the death benefit in full if you pass away specifically from an accident (except in Arkansas). We actually are not aware of any insurance company that does not do this.


Plan availability

You have to be at least 40 years old to be able to apply for this plan. Additionally, you can be as old as 80 and they will still accept you. This modified plan is available almost every state. You can buy any amount of coverage between $5,000 and $25,000 in protection.

There really isn’t much to say about this plan since it only has one health question. You will notice we gave this plan a D grade. Quite honestly, if you DO have either of the conditions in that question, there are much better and cheaper options for you.

This company is surely cheaper by a long shot for the exact same thing.

The cold hard truth is that you shouldn’t ever settle on this plan. You can easily pay less elsewhere for the exact same coverage.


Assurity’s “Graded Benefit”

Choice Mutual Grade= A

Quick facts about this plan

  • Coverage never expires
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Coverage never decreases
  • 2 year waiting period

You are eligible for this plan if you say no to the modified question, and the knockout questions. You need to have an Rx history that has no trail of treatment for the modified or knockout conditions.

If you have or were treated for the following conditions, you will be approved for the graded death benefit.


Here are the graded benefit questions:

  1. In the past 12 months, has the Proposed Insured been medically diagnosed as having or been treated for: congestive heart failure or cardiomyopathy, stroke, aneurysm or sleep apnea; or had or been advised to have treatment for any drug or alcohol abuse?
  2. In the past 5 years, has the Proposed Insured had heart disease requiring bypass surgery, angioplasty or placement of stents or cardiac defibrillator?
  3. Has the Proposed Insured ever been treated for (including office visits, medication or surgery): diabetes requiring insulin injections combined with a medical history of stroke, transient ischemic attack (TIA) or heart disease?

This plan, being a graded death benefit, has a limited payout of benefits during the first two years. Assurity will pay out 40% of the death benefit during the first year. They will pay out 75% if death occurs during the second year of the policy. As with the modified plan, they will pay out the full death benefit even during the first two years.


Plan availability

You can be as young as 40 and as old as 80 and still be eligible for this plan. This plan is available in almost all states, but there are some where it is not accessible. Below you will find their face amounts based off age. Their maximum face amount on this plan is a one area of uniqueness.

AGE 40-65 AGE 66-80
$5,000- $35,000 $5,000- $25,000

Most burial insurance companies have much smaller face amount maximums for the conditions in this section. If you are looking higher amount of protection, then this plan can potentially serve you accordingly. Bare in mind, you would only take this plan if it was your best option due to your health.


Who this plan is good for

This plan is a very good and low priced option for people with the following:

  1. Congestive heart failure (CHF)
  2. Stroke within the last 12 months (Not a mini stroke)
  3. Aneurysm with the last 12 months
  4. Cardiomyopathy
  5. Treatment for drugs or alcohol treatment in the last 12 months

If you have any of the above conditions, this is an excellent plan where you can get some instant protection (not full) without having to pay through the nose. Quite frankly, most final expense insurance plans have CHF and cardiomyopathy as flat knockout conditions. Assurity will still cover you, not charge you a ton, and give you some instant coverage as well.

In general, you have two options with CHF and cardiomyopathy. You can pay a little less by going with Gerber Life. On the other hand, you can pay a little bit more, and go with Assurity’s graded benefit burial insurance plan. The trade off is very straightforward.

With Gerber Life, you will have a full two year waiting period. With Assurity, you will have 40% of your benefit during the first year, and 75% during the second year. You have to decide which is most value you to.

Is you paying a little more for some instant protection worth the extra money? Our job is to give you the best options. In this case however, “best” is a subjective conclusion. You have to decide for yourself what you value most. In some cases, like CHF for example, there is more to consider than just price.

Here are some price comparisons between Gerber and Assurity. The Assurity prices are for their Graded Benefit plan. Gerber only has one set of prices for everyone since it’s a guaranteed issue plan with no health questions.


Assurity Graded Burial Insurance Non Tobacco- Female


Gerber Life Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance- Female



If the above situations don’t apply to you, you would be better off by going with another company. For the rest of the health scenarios, we have companies where you would pay less and have no waiting period.

On the whole, this graded plan by Assurity is very strong. They allow people in certain situations to get a very decently priced coverage that offers immediate protection. Usually, these folks would get declined or have to deal with full two year waiting periods.


The “Level Benefit” Whole Life option with Assurity

Choice Mutual Grade= A

Quick facts about this plan

  • Coverage never expires
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Coverage never decreases
  • Immediate day one coverage

This plan is only available to you if you say no to all the health questions, and you have no history for any of the conditions they ask about. If you do qualify for their immediate plan, there is absolutely no waiting period. Your coverage starts the day you make your first payment.


Plan availability

Anyone who is at least 6 months to 80 years old may apply for this plan. Assurity’s immediate plan offers one of the highest maximum issue limits in the industry. Here is a complete breakdown on their issue limits:

AGE 0- 19 AGE 20-65 AGE 66- 80
$10,000- $50,000 $5,000- $50,000 $5,000- $25,000


One of a kind value

Without question, this plan is your best option if you have COPD or emphysema AND you are a non tobacco user. Again, you need to have been diagnosed with the COPD or emphysema over one year ago, and you can’t have any oxygen use. If this is all true, they will approve you for their immediate benefit plan.

This is incredibly unique. Every final expense application will ask about COPD and emphysema in some way. Most burial insurance companies will do two things if you have COPD or emphysema.

First, they will charge you a higher monthly premium. The second thing they do is impose a limited payout of benefits during the first two years. Some companies will even give you a full two year waiting period.

It’s far more common for final expense insurance plans to pay out a portion of the benefits in first two years of your policy if you have COPD or emphysema. It’s usually a payout schedule of 30% during the first year, and 70% during the second year. Again, there are some companies that dictate a full two year waiting period, but that is rather uncommon.

There are a select few companies such as Transamerica or this company that offer full first day protection with absolutely no waiting period. Obviously, this is a huge benefit. You are covered from day one. However, both of those companies still charge you more money per month because of the COPD or emphysema.

This is where Assurity provides an unbeatable exclusive value. They don’t charge you more, AND they don’t impose any kind of waiting period if you have COPD or emphysema. Again, you can’t be a tobacco or oxygen user, or have been diagnosed with the COPD/emphysema within the last 12 months.

Assurity ‘s immediate benefit burial insurance plan gives you the best of both worlds. You simply cannot find this value anywhere else.


One year look back on some common health events

Below is a list of health events where Assurity only looks back 12 months. This is an incredible value because most final expense companies will go back 24 months for these conditions.

If you have had these conditions over 12 months ago, but less than 24 months, this plan is probably your best and cheapest option.

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Angina (chest pains)
  • Aneurysm
  • Heart or circulatory surgery such as a stent placement or bypass surgery

If you had any of these events over a year ago, but less than 2 year ago, other final expense companies would not respond favorably. You would pay a lot more, and have a waiting period. On the flip side, Assurity will give you 100% coverage on day one, and charge you a heck of a lot less.


75 and under tobacco Rates are really good

If you are under 76 years old, Assurity’s tobacco rates are definitely much lower than most companies. Again, to get this plan, you must say no to all the health questions. If you smoke and say no to all the health questions, Assurity can probably offer you some of the lowest priced burial insurance on the market.

If you are over 75 and in good health, look at AmAm for low smoker rates.


Assurity Summary

Assurity serves many final expense applicants perfectly. We already outlined where each plan is most strong, and who it’s suitable for. On the other hand, let’s also be clear on where Assurity is not a great option.

As you can see from their questions, if you have diabetes, Assurity is not a company that will easily accept you. To be frank, you will have a very hard time getting approved if you have diabetes.

If you are diabetic, there are many companies that have burial insurance plans that are much easier to qualify for.

Foresters is a great company that is very friendly to diabetics. Many companies have issues with people who have diabetes and blood pressure issues. Foresters flat out does not care. If you have nerve issues with your diabetes, then Foresters is probably not your best bet.

Easily, the most diabetic friendly is this company. They require that you were never in a diabetic coma, gone into insulin shock, or taken insulin prior to age 30. Other than that, you can have the worst diabetes issues possible, and they will accept you just like someone in pristine health.

If you were diagnosed with diabetes prior to age 30, this is one of the few companies that will still accept you without charging you a fortune. With them, your diabetes diagnosis must have come after age 9. As long as it was after age 9, they are cool with it. Most companies will flat out decline anyone who got diabetes before age 30.

If you deal with minor things like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, back or neck pain, or stomach issues,  its best to not apply with Assurity. If you have these conditions, they will require additional underwriting information. They may require to provide some or all of the following:

  • Date of first diagnosis
  • All current medications
  • Name, address, and phone number of physician and medical facilities
  • Date of last symptoms
  • Related conditions

For simple conditions like these, or health events beyond two years ago (think heart attacks, strokes, etc), it’s much easier to apply with another company. The cost will be nearly the same, and the hassle will be ten times less.


How to get the best burial insurance rates

You probably noticed this already. In case you didn’t, we will point it out for you. In short, we always have options! This is the wonderful thing about working with an independent final expense agency like Choice Mutual.

We represent all the top burial insurance companies. Hence, we have the freedom to freely shop around on your behalf. The end goal is merely to find which burial insurance plan is your best option.Two business people discussing data or planning work on backgrou

To get the best rates for your final expense insurance, you need to work with an independent agency (such as us). That is unquestionably the most important part of the equation. Just behind that, you need to work with an agency that has extensive experience in this space.

Securing the best rates on your burial insurance isn’t complicated. Its done by identifying which carrier will accept all your health conditions, and charge you the least. This is a simple task for us because we are ultra familiar with all the different underwriting guidelines from all the different burial insurance companies.

In just a few minutes, we can completely assess your health. Then, we will determine which final expense insurer is your best option. If you read our other reviews, you will see we consistently have intimate knowledge of each carrier’s underwriting. Compare our carrier reviews to another website’s reviews. There is a grand canyon between their reviews and our reviews. You will see which side has more experience.

We have helped thousands of families secure the best burial insurance rates. We’d love to help you to if you need it.