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United Home Life Burial Insurance Review

United Home Life Burial Insurance Review

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Today we are taking another trip down burial insurance boulevard. In this United Home Life burial insurance review will stop in to take a detailed look at their entire burial insurance program. They are one of the companies that made our list of the best burial expense companies. There is no part of their plan that is left to the imagination. If you are looking for the inside scoop on United Home Life’s final expense insurance, your search is over.United Home Life Burial Insurance Review

Have you ever read an insurance review on the web before? If you have, you will notice something very different out a Choice Mutual review. We painstakingly analyze the underwriting for each burial insurance plan. Nobody else will give you such a behind the curtain look at how a burial insurance plan works. With our vast experience in this space, we can look at a final expense plan with a unique lens. Our goal is to discern how a plan is good, and how it’s bad. Consequently, we combine all of this information into each of our reviews. In the end, you have actionable information that helps make a qualified decision for you and your family.


Our Quick United Home Life Burial Insurance Review

United Home Life is a well rounded financially sound insurance company. They are highly rated and have plenty of surplus assets on hand to ensure they can pay their bills when the time comes.

They have a very robust burial insurance offering. In total, there are four different plans you can qualify for. In addition, they have some some unique features not found with other final expense companies. For example, they have super high face limits and some interesting rider options.

Of the four plans they have, you should only consider taking their Express Issue Premier plan. It’s the only one we recommend. The other tree plans are just not competitive from a price and underwriting perspective.

This is a great company to go with if you lack major health issues. If you looking for huge face amounts, have Parkinson’s disease, or early age diabetes, this is definitely a company you want to check out. If for some reason you can’t qualify for their healthiest plan, you will want to look elsewhere.


Company Background

For more than 70 years, United Home Life has been servicing their policyholders. United Home Life falls under the umbrella of United Farm Family Insurance Companies. In total, United Home Life companies have over $2 billion in assets under management.

Currently, A.M. Best has them rated as A- (Excellent) which is one of the highest ratings possible. All around, they are a solid insurance company that offers far more than just burial insurance. They sell different types of whole life, term life, and accidental death insurance.

Having said all of that, we will only be discussing their burial insurance offering in this article. We will not be discussing or mentioning any of their other lines of insurance.


The Full United Home Life Review

Below you will find the completed detailed review for United Home Life. As you will see, we take an in depth look at the underwriting, policy options, and give you our professional opinion. If you are searching for all the little details about their burial insurance program, please take a gander.


United Home Life’s “Express Series Whole Life”

Choice Mutual Grade= B

Quick facts about these plans

  • Benefits cannot decrease
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Policy cannot expire
  • 4 plans available- 2 with immediate coverage


4 different burial insurance plans

United Home Life’s burial insurance has an official name of “Express Issue Whole Life”. It is actually very common for insurers to come up with names for their products. In total, United Home Life has four different burial insurance plans you available. Furthermore, your health will absolutely determine which plan suits you. Two of their plans come with full first day coverage. On the other hand, the remaining two plans do come with a waiting period. Below is a list of their final expense plans. The most expensive plan it as the top, and they get progressively cheaper as you go down the list.

  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
  • Express Issue Whole Life
  • Express Issue Deluxe
  • Express Issue Premier


How their burial insurance plans work

In general, understanding how these final expense plans operate is very easy. First of all, they are all whole life insurance plans. For this reason, they cannot ever expire. In addition, the payments are fixed, and the benefits cannot decrease. Lastly, United Home Life can’t cancel the policy once it’s goes into effect.

You alone are in control, and only you can change it once it has been approved. Once you have it, you can count it always being there for your family to cover your funeral costs. Of course, that is assuming you faithfully make your monthly payments.


Underwriting info

United Home Life will examine different pieces of information about you as part of the application. They are going to evaluate the following four things:

  • The health questionnaire
  • Your height and weight ratio
  • Your prescription history
  • Your MIB file

They will review all this information to complete their risk analysis. However, it is possible for United Home Life to request an APS. APS stands for attending physicians statement. Basically, it’s a record from your doctor regarding your health.

If for some reason they can’t make a firm decision regarding your eligibility, they might request the APS. If they do, you are required to request it from your doctor. Moreover, you must have it sent directly to United Home Life at your own expense. In all honestly, if they ever request an APS, it’s best to just forget about it. Rarely will you be approved as applied for when they request an APS. Additionally, most final expense insurers never request APS’s, so it’s super easy to obtain coverage elsewhere without that hassle.


final expense with No medical or physical exams

This burial insurance by United Home Life does not require any kind of an exam. Truthfully, no final expense insurance does. With that, you basically fill out the application, and complete a point of sale interview. In case you are wondering, a point of sale interview is a short phone call with the insurance company. Basically, they ask you the health questions, and obtain various authorizations from you. Usually, an insurer will render a final decision by the end of the point of sale interview regarding your eligibility.

United Home Life’s POS is rather short. It’s about 6-12 minutes long in most cases. During the interview, United Home Life will get your permission to access your MIB file and your prescription history. This info along with your answers to the health questions, gives them the information they need to render a decision. Most of the time, they give you a very solid preliminary decision by the end of the phone call.


a final expense policy for everyone

With any final expense company, the very first step to applying is answering the health questions. With United Home Life, their health questionnaire is structured a bit differently than most companies. To begin with, they have no knockout questions. Most final expense plans have a set of conditions that prevent you from applying altogether. United Home Life has a guaranteed issue plan, so they can place you into something no matter what.

Additionally, they give you the opportunity to answer no health questions at all. In this way, they are similar to Americo. They too allow you to opt out of answering health questions. However, if you choose to go this route, you will be defaulted into their guaranteed issue plan.

United Home Life’s health questions are divided into three sections. There is a part A, B, and C. If you answer yes to any question in part A, your only option is their guaranteed issue plan. Again, you can just elect to answer no health questions as well. In that case, their guaranteed issue plan would be your only option.

Closeup portrait of a senior man sitting with his daughter and grandson

United Home Life’s “Guaranteed Issue Whole Life”

Choice Mutual Grade= F

Quick facts about this plan

  • Benefits cannot decrease
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Policy cannot expire
  • Comes with a waiting period

You can be offered this guaranteed issue plan in two possible circumstances. First, if you elect to not answer health questions, this plan is your only option. Secondly, if you do complete their health questionnaire and you have any of the following conditions, this plan is your only choice.

Here are the Guaranteed Issue Whole Life questions:

  1. Do you currently receive kidney dialysis or require oxygen use or have you received or been told that you need an organ transplant or have you been diagnosed as having a terminal illness? (Terminal illness is defined as any illness diagnosed that would reasonably be expected to cause death within 24 months.)
  2. Do you require assistance to feed, bathe, dress or take your own medication or are you currently confined to a hospital, nursing home, mental facility, hospice, or require home health nursing care?
  3. Have you ever been diagnosed as having or been treated for AIDS or ARC (AIDS Related Complex) by a member of the medical profession, or tested positive for HIV antibodies as part of a test conducted for the purpose of obtaining insurance?
  4. In the past 12 months:
    • Other than fore temporary or minor conditions, have you been hospitalized two or more times?
    • Other than preventive, maintenance or risk lowering medications prescribed, have you been treated for or diagnosed with any cancer (other than basal cell skin cancer), heart attack stroke, or had heart surgery (including angioplasty)?
    • Have you used any illegal drugs, been treated for or advised to have treatment for drug abuse?


An atypical guaranteed acceptance final expense insurance

Essentially, this is a guaranteed issue burial insurance with a twist. The twist refers to the health questions if you choose to answer them. With most guaranteed issue plans, there are no health questions whatsoever. With United Home Life, they give you this plan as a fall back when trying to qualify for a better plan.

In a nutshell, any guaranteed issue burial insurance is one that has no health questions or no medical checks of any kind. Basically, the insurance company blindly issues the policy with zero knowledge of you other than your name.

As you can imagine, this is an incredible amount of risk on their part. These types of policies attract many folks with very serious illnesses. For this reason, every single guaranteed acceptance final expense plan, from any carrier, will come with a mandatory waiting period. Typically, the waiting period lasts two years. During this time, your beneficiaries will not receive the death benefit if you pass away. Instead, they would receive a full refund of your premiums plus like 10%. However, if you pass away from an accident, they WILL pay the full death benefit. This applies to all companies by the way.

United Home Life’s guaranteed issue plan comes with a three year waiting period. If you pass away during the first year, they will return 106% of your premiums. If you pass away during year two, they will return 112% of your premiums. Finally, in year three, they will return 118% of your premiums.

In addition the waiting period, a guaranteed issue plan also comes with higher monthly premiums. The increased risk on the part of the insurance company is why they have to charge more. More unhealthy people means higher risk. In effect, the price must be higher.


Age and face value limits

If you are between 45 and 75, you are eligible for this plan. Furthermore, you can buy no less than $5,000 in coverage. Whereas, the maximum face amount you can buy with this plan is $10,000.


Should you buy this burial insurance plan?


We gave United Home Life an “F” grade on this plan because for two reasons. It’s way too expensive, and it’s waiting period is 50% higher than the industry standard.

The bottom line is that there are many other companies out there that would charge substantially less. Furthermore, their waiting periods are only two years instead of three. In the end, you can get a guaranteed issue plan with a lesser waiting period, and a lesser monthly payment. It’s not even a debate. Nobody should ever buy guaranteed issue burial insurance from United Home Life.

Gerber is the company we would recommend. In our opinion, they have the best guaranteed issue plan on the market.

Inside Tip: Many people think a plan with no health questions is great. Indeed that is a great feature. However, our data consistently shows that most people get their burial insurance much cheaper by NOT going with a guaranteed issue final expense plan. You should try your best to get a plan that has health questions. If you succeed, you almost always pay less and avoid unnecessary waiting periods. Call us if you want to learn more about this. You can also fill out the quote form and let us call you.


The “Express Issue Whole Life” United Home Life plan

Choice Mutual Grade= D

Quick facts about this plan

  • Benefits cannot decrease
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Policy cannot expire
  • Comes with a waiting period

To be eligible for this plan, you must be able pass all the guaranteed issue health conditions mentioned earlier. Below you will find the health questions for this section. If you say yes to any of the following, you will be approved for their Express Issue Whole Life Plan. In addition, you will be approved accordingly if your prescription history or MIB file show traces of treatment for these conditions.

Here are the Express Issue Whole Life questions:

  1. In the past 2 years have you been diagnosed or treated for, or are you currently under treatment for:
    • Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia?
    • Any form of cancer (other than basal cell) or brain tumor?
    • Other than preventive, maintenance or risk lowering medications prescribed, have you been diagnosed or treated for heart or circulatory disorder (except hypertension) or stroke?
    • Had surgery for any heart disorder (including angioplasty) or liver disease (except varicose veins)?
    • Sickle Cell anemia or kidney disease (including dialysis) or liver disease including hepatitis B & C)?
    • Lung disease (except controlled mild asthma not requiring any hospitalization in the last 2 years)?
    • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) or neurological disorders (except for controlled seizure disorder with no seizures in the past 2 years)?
    • Have you been advised by a medical professional to have any tests, surgery, treatment, or further medical evaluation that have not been performed or do you have any medical test results pending?
    • Have you excessively used, been treated for or been advised to have treatment for alcohol or drug abuse?
  2. In the past 10 years have you been convicted of a felony or currently have pending charges for a felony; or currently on parole from a felony conviction?


Industry Standard waiting period

This plan will come with a two year waiting period. If you pass away during this time, United Home Life will not payout the death benefit. If you pass away during the first 12 months, they will refund 112% of your premiums. In addition, if you pass during months 13-24, you will receive 124% of your premiums.

You will notice that you can earn 12-24% interest on your money. For starters, that is a far better interest rate than any bank CD or savings account. Furthermore, it’s actually a higher interest payout than most final expense plans. Typically, a final expense company will give you a bonus 10% interest on your money when it comes to waiting periods. This is certainly nice, but this positive element does not outweigh the negative about this plan.


burial expense plan age and benefit limitations

You can be as young as 25 and be eligible for this plan. Also, you can be as old as 80. In addition, you may purchase a face amount as little as $2,000. Lastly, you can buy as much as $25,000 in protection.


Final expense riders on some policies

If you purchase at least $10,000 in protection, they will include some no cost built in riders. This additional protection comes with your policy, and does NOT cost extra. In total, you will receive three riders as long as you buy at least $10,000 in coverage. Below are the three riders and how they work.


Identity Theft Wavier Of Premium Rider

This rider will waive your premiums for three months if you are a victim of identity theft. You may only exercise this rider one time.

Hospital Stay Waiver Of Premium Rider

This rider will waive you premiums for three months if you are confined to a licensed hospital for 20 continuous days or more. You may only exercise this rider one time.

Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider

This rider will pay out an additional death benefit if death is due to an accident while riding on public transportation as a fare paying passenger.


Is this final expense plan a good buy for anyone?


To begin with, some of the conditions in this section are gladly accepted by other burial insurance companies. With them, they would not even impose a waiting period or charge you more.

For the rest of the conditions, there are less expensive options with other companies. For these reasons, we can’t recommend that anyone purchase this plan. Honestly, this plan is no different than their guaranteed issue plan. You would simply be paying more to United Home Life when there are other companies that would absolutely charge you less.


“Express Issue Deluxe” by United Home Life

Choice Mutual Grade= D

Quick facts about this plan

  • Benefits cannot decrease
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Policy cannot expire
  • No waiting period

First of all, to be eligible for this plan, you must be able to clear the guaranteed issue and the express issue health questions. Remember, it’s not just the health questions you need to pass. Your prescription history and MIB file must show no evidence of treatment for those conditions. Below are the Express Issue Deluxe health questions. If you have any of these conditions, they will approve you for this plan.

Here are the Express issue deluxe health questions:

  1. In the past 2 years have you been diagnosed or treated for, or are you currently under treatment for:
    • Schizophrenia or bipolar disorder?
    • Diabetes requiring insulin treatment
    • SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
  2. Have you been convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or had your driver’s license suspended or revoked?
  3. Have you been declined or postponed for Life insurance?
  4. If under age 65, are you currently disabled, or been disabled in the last six months or at any time during the last six months received any disability compensation or been mentally or physically unable to complete 30 hours per week of active employment?
  5. Do you now participate in, or do you have plans to participate in any hazardous sport or aviation?


100% first day protection burial insurance

Unlike their other two plans, this one comes with immediate coverage. There is absolutely no waiting period whatsoever with this plan. Your coverage is available in full starting on the first day of your policy.


plan limitations

If you are between the age of 20 and 80, you can apply for this plan. In addition, you may purchase as little as $5,000 in coverage. On the other end, you can buy as much as $50,000 in protection.


Available riders with this burial insurance

If you can qualify for their Express Issue Deluxe plan, you get one rider built in at no additional cost. Furthermore, you can opt to add two different other riders if you wish. The optional riders do come with an additional cost. However, the price for them is very minimal. Below are each of the riders and how they work.


Child Rider (costs extra)

This rider provides coverage for children who are 30 days- 18 years at the time your policy is issued. This coverage is sold by the unit. Each unit provides $5,000 in protection, and you can buy up to four units. This rider covers all eligible children. It does not matter how many kids you have, for they are all covered. The coverage provided by this rider ceases once the insured turns 65 or when the children turn 21.

There is a separate application with specific health questions involved for this coverage. The coverage is fully convertible. Basically, convertible means the children can change their policy to their own individual permanent plan without having to medically qualify.

Accidental Death Benefit (costs extra)

This rider is only an option if you are 20-60 years old. It will pay out an additional death benefit if you pass away due to an accident. The minimum amount of ADB coverage is $10,000 and the maximum is whatever the face amount of the base policy is.

Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider (free)

This rider allows you to access your death benefit while still living. You must be diagnosed with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.


Why is this burial insurance not recommended?

In short, all of the conditions for this section are welcomed with open arms by other companies. For this reason, you can get a much better price elsewhere. Again, its no different than their guaranteed issue or express issue plans. With all their plans so far, you would simply be over paying for a product that other companies charge less for. It’s basic math.

We will give you a couple of examples to illustrate. Below is a list of the conditions accepted by this particular plan. Next to each condition you will see the name of two companies. The two companies listed have no issues with the corresponding condition. In the end, these companies will charge you much less for the exact same thing. Granted, there are more than just two companies for most conditions, but we think you get the point we are making.

As you can tell, it’s easy to find many companies to give you this coverage at a much better rate. All in all, since there is not a single underwriting scenario where they stand out with this plan, we have to recommend you never take it.


United Home Life- “The Express Issue Premier” plan

Choice Mutual Grade= A

Quick facts about this plan

  • Benefits cannot decrease
  • Payments cannot increase
  • Policy cannot expire
  • No waiting period

First, to be eligible for this plan, you must be able to say no to every single health question. Furthermore, you must not have medications in your past consistent with those conditions.


final expense with first day coverage

United Home Life’s Express Issue Premier plan comes with no waiting period whatsoever. If you qualify, your coverage is fully activated starting on day one.


face amounts and age limits

You can be anywhere between 20 and 80 and be eligible for this plan. The absolute minimum amount of coverage you can buy is $5,000. At the the same time, your age determines the maximum amount of coverage you can purchase. Below are the face amount maximums by age.

  • 20-60: Face amount max= $100,000
  • 61-80: Face amount max = $50,000


riders on this final expense policy

This plan comes with the exact same rider options as their Express Issue Deluxe plan. You can scroll up to read in detail how each of those riders work. To recap, your policy includes the terminal illness accelerated benefit rider at no additional cost. Furthermore, you can add on either the child rider, or the accidental death rider for a little extra premium.


How is this burial insurance plan really good?

As a matter of face, this plan has an “A” rating by us for a reason. If you can qualify for it, you will have a well priced immediate protection burial insurance plan. The cost on this plan by United Home Life, is very close to most other final expense companies. In addition, there are some key ways they stand out.


Huge face amounts

United Home Life will allow you to buy more coverage than almost any other final expense company out there. It’s very common for burial insurance plans have face amount maximums of 25-35 thousand. If you are 60 or younger, they will allow you to buy up to 100k! Heck, even if you are over 60, you can still buy up to 50k.

These numbers are substantially higher than most final expense companies. If having a large face amount is your thing, United Home Life’s Express Issue Premier plan might be your new friend.

Early age diabetes

Most final expense plans will not accept applicants who were diagnosed with diabetes before the age of 50. United Home Life does not care when you were diagnosed with it. They will accept you all the same. If you are having difficulty finding a final expense plan because of when your diabetes was diagnosed, this plan could a winner for you. If you have early age diabetes, this is another company that will gladly take you.

Parkinson’s Disease

The overwhelming majority of burial insurance plans ask about Parkinson’s disease. However, you will notice that United Home Life does not. For the companies that do ask about it, there are usually one or two penalties as a result.

First, they charge you an increased premium at the minimum. Second, they may also impose a waiting period of some kind. Neither of these penalties are present with United Home Life.

They will offer you coverage that goes into effect immediately, and they won’t charge you more. It’s the best of both worlds. American Home Life and Americo are two other companies that also accept Parkinson’s disease with open arms just like United Home Life.


Other ways this burial insurance is great

This plan is also a good option if you have basic ailments that most final expense companies have no issue with. Here are some of the typical health issues we are referring to.

  • Diabetes (no complications)
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol Issues
  • Arthritis (no disability)
  • Heart attack/stroke/circulatory surgeries over 2 years ago
  • Cancer over 2 years ago
  • Sleep apnea

Again, if you can qualify for this plan, you will have a decently priced final expense insurance. It may or may not be the cheapest out there. Regardless, it’s going to be pretty dang similar to the lowest rates out there.

United Home Life Burial Insurance Review

United Home Life Summary

United Home Life has a fairly solid burial insurance offering for people on the healthier side. If you manage to qualify for their Express Issue Premier Plan, you have yourself a good deal. If not, you are better off by looking elsewhere. Unfortunately for them, the free market offers you many options that are superior if you don’t qualify for their express issue premier plan. With all of that, this company offers some very nice riders, and huge face amounts if those are of interest to you. It’s definitely worth taking a moment to see if they are right for you.

Here at Choice Mutual we represent all the top final expense companies in the nation. Our goal is simple. It’s to make sure you get the best burial insurance plan possible. We do that by shopping all the different plans on the market. Whichever company happens to be your best bet, we recommend them. You are always our objective, so we will always make sure we do right by you first and foremost.

If this is something you need help with, please call us at 1-800-644-2926. In contrast, you can fill out the quote form and let us call you. We have helped thousands of families, and would love to help you too.